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Worst Dog Breed for First Time Owners

Are you thinking about getting a dog? Well, Congratulations! Dogs are a great companion that’s why they referred to as “man’s best friend”. However, if you are a first-time dog owner then you need a little research to find your perfect match. No dog breed is bad, it is just that some dog breeds have a little complex learning curve which can be difficult for novice dog owners. The first-time dog owners should consider bringing home those dog breeds that are easy to train. Some dogs need more training sessions, and for a novice dog owner providing right training & socialization can be quite difficult.

To enjoy a great companionship, it is highly crucial to go for the dog breeds that you can easily train & socialize with. Of course, all the dogs require proper training to become a well-behaved dog but some dogs have an instinct to create a mess that’s why they end up becoming a bad dog breed for first-time owners. There are millions of dog breeds on this planet, and most of them make a perfect companion for humans but only some dog breeds work as a great choice for first-time owners.

Many of the first time dog owners welcome any breed of dogs in their home with open arms but it doesn’t take long for them to realize their mistake as some dog breeds are harder to keep than the others so you need to ensure that you are choosing the right one. Every dog has a different temperament, behavior, etc. so you need to consider bringing home that breed of dog who can easily get along with your lifestyle. The breed of dog you are thinking of bringing home should be best-suited for you.

Still confused about which dog breeds are not suitable for inexperienced owners? Well, don’t worry!

In this article, We’ll discuss all the dog breeds that a first-time dog owner shouldn’t bring home:

Border Collie

The first breed of dog that you should avoid getting is a border collie. These adorable furry companions are extremely energetic that’s why they are also referred to as workaholic dogs. Generally, first-time dog owners are not well-prepared to understand the exercise needs of a dog so choosing a hyperactive dog is really a bad decision for them. When a dog’s exercise needs are not met then he can become aggressive and can also develop behavioral issues. If you stay too occupied with your work then it can result in making your dog bored and depressed.


The next on our list is the beagle. This cute, adorable, middle-sized dog is quite noisy by his nature. Handling this breed of dog can be quite challenging for first-time dog owners as they are very stubborn and loves to sniff & chase around. Beagle are hunting dogs that is why he loves to sniff & chase around which can be too much for a novice dog owner. Their active lifestyle makes them hard to keep for the first time dog owners. Their stubbornness makes it hard to train them easily.

Siberian Husky

The next breed of dog that you should avoid keeping if you are a first time owner. Huskies are known for their high energy levels that is why it is quite challenging for first-time dog owners to keep them. Huskies love to chase around, vocalize and play for long hours that is why they don’t make a good choice for the first-time owners. Huskies are very intelligent, and they require higher mental stimulation to stay happy. First-time dog owners are not well-prepared to handle a husky that’s why they should avoid getting one.


Bulldogs are good-natured dogs but their anatomy makes them challenging for first-time dog owners. Their short-faced head & adorable wrinkles may steal your heart but they are highly sensitive to heat, exercise, etc so if you never had a dog before then it can be difficult for you to keep the healthy & happy. They are highly prone to a number of issues that will require vet trips quite often. Inexperienced dog owners shouldn’t go for any such dog breed that is prone to a number of health issues.

Chow chow

The next breed of dog that every first-time dog owners should avoid keeping is chow chow. This teddy bear looking dog is smart, stubborn & requires intense training to stay well-behaved. The first time dog owners are not very good with training that’s why it becomes hard to train them. This breed of dogs requires proper supervision among children so you need to train them intensely to ensure that they are well-behaved at all times.


The next breed of dog that is not suitable for first-time owners is Dalmatian. This dog breed was breed as coach dogs that’s why they are hyper-active & have high energy levels. They are not the type of dogs who sits on the couch for long hours. Dalmatians love to play or exercise for long hours, and when their exercise needs are not met then it can make them frustrated, aggressive & destructive.

So, these are some of the dog breeds that first-time dog owners should consider avoiding. These dog breeds require intense training and dominant dog owner to keep them well-behaved, and most dog owners failed in it that’s why choosing other dog breeds is a wiser decision.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, Novice dog owners should consider buying easy to train, friendly dogs so that they easily handle them, and it will be easier for them to keep their dog healthy & happy.

June 13, 2020|Dog Care

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