Why you should never get a puppy from puppy mills

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Why you should never get a puppy from puppy mills

Are you thinking about getting a cute puppy from a puppy mill? Well, you need to think twice before taking any such action. Puppy mills are breeding centers where the breeders have a sole interest in earning higher profits by trading mass-produce dogs. They keep the parent dogs and their litters in horrendous condition and also do not provide necessary care to them due to which they suffer from various health and temperament issues.

Unlike a responsible breeder, puppy mill breeders separate all the litters from their mother too early and keep them in small filthy cages, and also do not provide enough nutrition to them for proper development of their body. Buying your furry companion would mean that you are encouraging the trade.

Let’s find out some of the major reasons to avoid puppy mills:

Unhealthy puppy

The mill breeders keep all the puppies in cages due to which they have a high risk to harbor various illnesses. Even if they passed a health check, there is no surety about the issues that occur genetically. Mill breeders do not consider taking a genetic screening of the parent dogs before breeding which ends up in frequent veterinary visits of the puppies.

Socializing problem

Generally, mill breeders separate the puppies from their mother too early which result in making them a shy or fearful dog. The puppy should be at least 7 weeks old otherwise he will face a tough time getting along with other dogs and humans. Then the dog owner has to take various potential efforts to improve dog’s social skills.

Temperament issue

Due to bred in horrendous condition, puppies may suffer from temperament issue. They tend to show aggression towards other dogs and humans. The ill-treatment they received in the initial days of their life results in making them aggressive.

They won’t let you meet the dog parents

Mill breeders won’t ever let anybody meet the parents of the puppies. One can never be able to check whether the puppy is of pure breed or not. It is essential to check the health, and temperament of the parent dogs to ensure that their puppies will also have a sound health.

Poor sanitary habits

Puppy mill breeders do not provide the puppies a separate space to eliminate due to which they do it in the same place where they eat or play. This poor sanitary habit can remain the same when the puppy grows old which can be frustrating for the dog owner.

Getting a puppy from a puppy mill is an appropriate option for the dog lovers as they treat the puppies and their parents inhumanely and buying from them would mean encouraging the trade. One should always adopt a puppy from shelter homes as they do not support any cruelty against the dogs.

August 20, 2018|Dog Care

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