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Why You Should Never Free-Feed your Dog

Free-feeding your furry companion is never a good idea. The dog owners who are thinking about choosing this method of feeding their pooch should reconsider their decision. Most dog owners may find this method of feeding quite easy but in the long run, it can end up degrading their furry companion’s health. The dog owners need to understand that free-feeding is not an ideal way of feeding their furry companion as giving constant access to food can end up making him a disobedient dog.

free feed dogsIn free-feeding, you are actually making food available to your dog at all times. It gives the dog full liberty to choose when to eat & in what amount. This will make him disobedient as constant access to food will no longer motivate him to do anything for food. Most dog owners use food as a reward to teach their dog new things but when you choose to free- feed your dog then he will no longer consider it as a treat. Free-feeding may seem easier for pet parents but in the long run, it can create severe complications. Free-feeding can also impact your dog’s overall health as some dogs may become obese whereas some dogs may start losing their appetite in the long run.

Being a responsible dog owner, you need to ensure that your dog has a proper eating & pooping routine but free-feeding can result in ruining the biological clock of your dog. Free-feed dogs may have less food-guarding issues but it can cause many health problems in your dog like over-eating, etc. In free-feeding, your dog can eat as much as he wants or as little as he desires which is really bad practice.

Let’s consider the various reasons why the dog owners should avoid free-feeding their dogs:

free feed dogsWeight issues

The major risk associated with free-feeding is obesity. Due to the lack of self-control, dogs can keep on eating until the bowl gets empty. Free-feeding gives your furry friend an opportunity to overfeed which eventually results in making him obese. Obesity in dogs is a major issue, and the dog owner should regulate their dog’s weight to keep him healthy and happy.

Training issues

In the initial stage of training, dog owners reward their furry companion with food on learning any new command. By providing constant access to the food to your furry companion, you can no longer use it while training them as they will no longer feel motivated by food.

Unable to keep track of his meals

When a dog owner chooses the free-feed method of feeding his furry companion then it is not practically possible to monitor his every meal. The dog owners won’t be able to keep track of when he ate the meal and in how much quantity. Monitor your furry companion’s meals is very important to ensure that his body is meeting its nutritional needs.

No fixed poop time

Feeding your furry companion on a fixed time ensures that he will poop at a fixed time but when you free-feed him then one cannot expect when your dog will going to eliminate. To avoid this situation, the dog owner should provide constant access to the food to his furry companion.

Free-food can get spoiled

Leaving food in the bowl for the whole day is not hygienic. Some food can get perished easily, and if your dog consumed that food then it can create various health complications. The environment also plays a crucial role in it as during the rainy season if the food is exposed to moisture then it can get perished easily.

Less food motivated

While teaching any new lesson to a dog, food plays a crucial role in it as it acts as a reward. But if you free-feed your dog then he will not consider food as his reward which can result in creating more complications in training him.

No matter how convenient free-feeding may seem to the dog owners but it is definitely the wrong choice for most dogs. Just like humans, dogs also tend to do snacking when they get bored which can further result in making him obese. Other than obesity, there are higher chances of loss of appetite in the dogs who are free-fed as their interest in food tends to lower down overtime. Following scheduled meals is the best method of feeding your dog. By making the food available all day to your dog, you are actually creating a stressful situation for your dog as he may think that he has to guard his food all day which can increase his anxiety level. Food left in the bowl for hours can also get spoiled & can result in making your dog sick.

Final Thoughts

Free-feeding can end up creating various complications in your furry companion’s health so the dog owner should avoid giving constant access of food to his furry companion at all time.

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