Why You Should Brush Your Dog on a Regular Basis?

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Why You Should Brush Your Dog on a Regular Basis?

Grooming is an integral part of every dog’s life as it plays a key role in keeping him healthy & happy. No matter how busy your life gets, brushing your dog’s hair regularly is important to stimulate a shinier & healthier coat. Regular brushing has many health benefits associated with it so you should make your dog comfortable with brushing from an early age. No matter how long or short your dog’s coat is, providing him regular brushing is necessary & every dog owner should consider doing it.

By grooming your dog, you can keep him free of any parasites & sickness. Every animal has an instinct to keep themselves groomed by licking & wiping their skin or fur using the tongue. For dogs, grooming is all about keeping their fur clean & claws well-shaped. Since the domestication of dogs, humans are taking care of their furry companion grooming needs. From brushing hair, nail clipping to skincare, etc. dogs are truly dependent on us. And, ignoring their needs can make it difficult for them a maintain healthy skin.

The dogs that are not groomed on a regular basis tend to have more health-related issues. Lack of brushing can result in forming nasty tangles, poor-blood circulation, parasites, etc. that’s why proper grooming is essential for a dog’s health & well-being.

Regular brushing is also important to maintain your dog’s aesthetic appearance. Not all dog owners have the proper skills to groom their dogs at home but they should at least brush his coat on a regular basis as it helps in bringing out the natural oil in his fur.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why you should brush your dog on a regular basis:

Regular brushing helps to prevent tangles

The first major reason for brushing your dog’s hair regularly is that it helps in preventing tangles. Matting in hair occurs when dirt, debris, or pest get stuck in your dog’s fur. Severe matting can be a painful experience for your dog so you should always brush your dog on a regular basis to avoid matted hair. Matting can also cause poor blood & air circulation so every dog owner should never ignore brushing his dog’s fur. Matting makes it easier for fleas & parasites to hide in the fur which results in causing extreme discomfort to the dog. If your dog has a long coat of fur then he is more prone to getting mats so you need to ensure that his fur is thoroughly brushed out.

Regular brushing helps in reducing shedding

Regular brushing session is a great way to get rid of your dog’s dead fur which otherwise will be floating around the house. Every dog goes through a shedding period in which they excessively shed their body’s fur to attain a new one. By brushing your hair regularly, you can reduce the hair accumulation in the house. The spring & summer season is the major shedding period so make sure not to skin any brushing session especially during this period.

Regular brushing helps in establishing a good bonding

Dogs love to spend time with their owners so by taking some time out for your dog on a regular basis, you can establish a good bond with the dog. If your dog doesn’t like brushing then you should give him treats & praises to let him associate grooming with positive things. By brushing your dog’s hair regularly, you can spend a good amount of time nurturing your relationship with him. A good brushing feels more like a massage to your dog so make sure to use good quality grooming tools so that dogs can spend quality time with you.

Brushing helps in distributing natural oils

A thorough brushing is highly crucial to help your dog distribute natural oil in his skin& fur. Dog’s don’t groom themselves aggressively that’s why it becomes their owners’ responsibility to brush their fur & help them attain a shiny & grease-free coat.

Brushing allows you to check the skin

The next benefit of brushing your dog’s fur on a regular basis is that it allows you to check his skin for parasites, bumps, or any irritations. While brushing your dog’s hair, always keep an out for any bump or patches on his skin. And, on noticing any abnormality, make sure to take him to the vet.

So, these are some of the health benefits associated with regular brushing. Regular brushing is great for keeping your dog healthy & happy. When it comes to brushing your dog’s hair, you should use a good quality brush so that your dog can enjoy a relaxed routine. If your dog has a long coat then you should use a wide comb for a good brushing. Also, if your dog doesn’t enjoy the brushing session then make sure to use a gentle approach & have patience so that he can feel comfortable and start associating it with good things.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, brushing your dog’s hair on a regular basis is a good grooming routine that every dog owner should follow to help his dog have a shinier & healthier coat.

June 15, 2020|Dog Care

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