Why should you leash your dog in public areas?

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Why should you leash your dog in public areas?

Required by law

Most dog owners are not aware of the fact that keeping the dog on a leash in public areas is required by law. An unleashed dog can seriously injure himself and he can turn out to be a nuisance for other dogs and people.

To avoid any accident

It is the dog owner’s responsibility to keep his dog secure on roads. Unleashed dogs are more prone to accidents so the dog owner should resist letting his dog loose on roads.

Not all dogs are friendly

Some dogs are not very friendly with other dogs, and when you are on streets with your dog, you may not able to find which dog is rude so, it is essential to keep your dog in control to avoid any stressful interaction or fights with other dogs. It is easier for a loose dog to get into a fight with other dogs.

Keep your dog from becoming sick

An unleashed Dog tends to smell and eat whatever they see on their way which eventually results in making him fall sick. It is your responsibility to keep your furry companion’s health intact so, you should avoid keeping the leash loose while walking your dog.

To avoid any unwanted situation

An unleashed dog can behave dangerously in public areas. If the dog owner doesn’t pay attention to him then he can also harm anybody around them. If your furry companion is running loose then people and other animals will perceive him as a threat.

To protect your furry companion

Sometimes, people are unable to understand the body language of a loose dog and in an attempt to avoid the dog, they can end up harming him. The dog owner should consider keeping his furry companion on a leash to keep him secure from any outside threat.

It is not possible for a dog to resist the temptations of the outside world so the dog owner should leash his dog in public areas to keep him safe and secure.

July 31, 2018|Dog Training

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