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Why is your dog’s nose dry?

A dog’s nose can tell a lot about his health. A moist and cold nose implies that the health of your furry friend is intact whereas warm and dry nose is a sign of health complications in your dog. Not always a dry nose implies that your dog is sick, there are other reasons as well behind the dog’s nose dry.

We all are aware of the fact that a dog’s strongest sense is his sense of smell and it is through his nose that he explores the world around him. Having a dry nose can be very uncomforting for as it obstructs his ability to smell.

Let’s find out some of the reasons behind a dog’s dry nose:

During sleep

Dog’s nose tends to get dry when they fall asleep as they are not licking their nose during that time. Some dog owners get worried that their dog’s nose is dry but there is nothing to be worried about as their nose will again become moist after 10 minutes of waking up.

Allergic reaction

Just like humans, dogs also suffer from allergic reactions. If you suspect that your dog has an allergic reaction then you must consider consulting a doctor as he will prescribe some effective medication that can help in healing the allergic reaction. One of the common sign of allergic reaction is dryness of stout. The dog owner should consider applying olive oil or coconut oil to prevent the surface of the nose from cracking. There are various health benefits of olive oil for dogs so one must give it to his furry friend.


Your furry companion’s nose can also become dry due to dehydration. Lack of enough liquid in the body can make your furry companion dehydrated so, the dog owner needs to ensure that his furry friend is drinking enough water. Not only the dry nose, lack of water can result in other severe health complications. Clean drinking water should always be available at all times to your furry companion.


Aversion to plastic is quite common in dogs. Another major reason behind the dryness of the nose is the usage of plastic. Plastic food and water bowls, even plastic toys can cause an allergic reaction in your dog. Switching to a ceramic or stainless steel bowl can help in dealing with this issue.

Warm air

Another reason behind the dryness of your dog’s nose can be coming in direct contact with the warm air. During the winter season, if your dog sleeps too close to the vent then the direct blows of warm air can result in making your dog’s snout dry. However, it will again become moist when he moves away from there.


Most people are not aware that dogs can also get burned by the harmful UV rays of the sun. The dog owner should apply a good sunblock to keep his furry friend safe from getting sunburn. Always make sure to apply a sunscreen that is meant for pets only as human sunscreen contains various chemicals which may not suit your furry friend.

So, these are the common reasons behind your furry friend’s dry nose but on noticing chronic dry nose, you must consult a veterinarian.

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