Why is it important to microchip your dog?

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Why is it important to microchip your dog?

Being the pack leader of your furry companion, it is your responsibility to keep him protected. Every year thousands of dogs are stolen or lost which makes it very essential for every dog owner to keep their furry companion microchipped. For a novice dog owner injecting a microchip under his pooch’s skin may seem quite intimidating but in reality there is nothing to worry about as microchip is as tiny as a rice grain & is completely harmless. The microchip can help you in reuniting with your dog as it contains a unique identification number that’s linked to all your necessary contact information.

Generally, lost dogs are sent to rescue center where they take care of them & if they find any tag or microchip on them then they scan it to get the contact details of the dog owner. Dogs who don’t have a microchip gets completely separated from their owners so planting a microchip is always a good idea.

Let’s consider some of the reasons why every dog owner should consider to microchip their dogs:

A most effective method for reuniting

Presence of microchip is of utmost importance as it is the most effecting way of reuniting with your furry companion. Over the years, it has been proved that pets who have microchips under their skin are more likely to get back to their real homes. Once a non-microchipped dog gets separated from his family then such dogs become forever lost.

Collar ids can come off easily

Some people think that collar ids are enough to keep their dogs protected but that’s not true. Collar ids can easily get destroyed and they can also come off easily so it is quite an ineffective way to find your lost dog. However, every dog owner must make his pooch wear a collar id along with a microchip under his skin.

Microchips last a lifetime under all circumstances

Unlike, collar ids and GPS tracker, microchip can work for entire lifetime without getting frayed. It can work under all circumstances and it never gets broken. All dog owners should consider getting their dogs microchipped to ensure that their dog doesn’t have to live the life of an unidentified lost dog.

Microchips are inexpensive in nature

Some dog owners refrain from getting their dogs microchipped as they believe it to be quite expensive. However, microchips are completely inexpensive in nature & it is also a one time fee that one has to pay to inject a microchip carrying all the essential information under your pooch’s skin.

It acts as a proof of ownership

If someone stole your dog then having a microchip under your pooch’s skin registered under your contact details can help you in proving your ownership. All the chips are registered with database so you can easily claim that it is your dog.

Final Thoughts

To prevent your dog from joining the list of unidentified lost dogs then you must consider getting him microchipped. Being a responsible pack leader, you need to take ample steps to keep your dog safe & secure. Just like vaccination, microchipping your dog is equally important.

August 21, 2019|Dog Care

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