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Why Dogs Are Called Our Best friends?

Since ages, dogs have proved their love & loyalty towards mankind, and due to which they’ve earned a label of “Man’s best friend”. In the year 1870, an American lawyer George graham vest originated the phrase “Man’s best friend” in the American supreme court while defending a man whose furry friend was murdered for trespassing. After a long tiring day, the one who has the capability to meltdown our stress levels are our canine companions. The relationship of a human & dog depicts unconditional love, loyalty, and life-long companionship.

After domestication, dogs have become great companions to humans. Dogs are happy creatures who do all the little, silly things to put a bright smile on your face. A sight of a happy and playful dog is enough to make our day better. After domestication, dogs have evolved into our best friends. Since ages, dogs are known for aiding humans in every chore be it hunting or protection, this resulted in developing a close relationship between humans & dogs.

Having a dog as a part of the family is like establishing a life-long companionship where your dog will remain by your side until he takes his last breath. Every human who has a furry companion at their home can tell how emotionally attached they are with their dogs. No human being can replace a dog’s love. No matter how good or bad you treat your furry friend, still he adores you more than anything. We all are aware of the fact that our dogs love us the most but do you know what makes them our best friends?

dog as man's best friendHow dogs are more than a pet?

The loyal, kind and understanding creature is much more than just a pet. No matter how stressful our day has been, it gets all better as soon as we see a tail wagging behind the door. Humans and dogs became companions at a certain point in history & since then they are being together. An animal who just primarily used to assist humans has evolved into his best friends. Earlier, dogs used to help humans in hunting purposes & used to protect him from wild animals then they started traveling together and started living in a social setting. Since then, an ever-lasting relationship between dogs & humans has established.

Through this article, we’ll explore all the possible reasons that make dogs, our “our best friend for life”

Dogs understand your emotions

Although dogs are speechless creatures, still they can very accurately understand your emotional & mental state by analyzing your physical state. It has been found out in a study that dogs can very well understand whether his owner is sad, happy or angry by observing your body language. However, whether you are happy or depressed, you will always find your dog sitting beside you. A best friend is someone who can easily mimic your emotions that’s one of the reasons why dogs are our best friend.

Dogs love unconditionally

You must be wondering does your dog really loves you? Well, no one can love you as unconditionally as a dog does. No matter how good or bad you behavior to your dog, there is no way that he would be mad at you. We surely love our dogs but sometimes, our current state of mind reflects in our behavior but dogs never get angry & love you unconditionally. For a dog, his owner is his whole world & that’s what makes him our best friend.

Dogs never judge

Humans have a trait to judge others but you will never see a dog judging you which definitely makes them better than us. No matter how you dressed or how you look, nothing really matters to your dog. Humans take no time to judge others and treat them differently but in the canine world, love prevails above all. You will always find your dog wagging his tail when you come towards him which shows how enthusiastic he is to see you. In many studies, it has been found out that people who are consistently bullied by others prefer to spend more time with dogs as for them their dog is better than human in every aspect.

Dogs are really protective

Have you ever watched a dog protecting a baby from getting scolded by his parents? Dogs are really protective of those whom they love. No matter how hard a situation gets, you will never see a dog being selfish & saving himself first. The instincts of a dog are very powerful, and they easily find out if any vulnerable situation is about to happen & start protecting their owners from it.dog as man's best friend

How dogs can help you lead a healthier life?

Having a furry member in the family is all you need to make your life more rewarding in all aspects. Many surveys have proved that people who live with dogs have happier & healthier than the ones who don’t have. An article published in the Time magazine suggests that there are a number of health benefits associated with living with a dog. It lowers down the risk of cardiovascular disease and improves the life span of people. Depressed people are advised to spend time with dogs as it helps in improving their mental health by keeping depression at bay. Living with a canine companion can reduce your stress and improve your both mental, physical and emotional health. Also, having a dog implies taking him out for walk and exercise regularly which can result in improving your physical health.

Final Thoughts

Dogs and humans are deeply connected to each other & shares a special bond of love, affection & respect. A dog is called a man’s best friend because no matter how happy or sad you are or how you treat him will never lower down his love for you. Their love and loyalty are incredible and no human on earth can ever match it. For dogs, happiness is being around their owner & he teaches us to find joy in simple things and love unconditionally. So, we can say that dogs truly deserve to be called “Man’s best friend”.

September 30, 2019|Dog Care

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