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Why dogs are better than cats?

Has anyone ever asked you whether you are a dog person or a cat person? There is a timeless debate between dog and cat lovers: which species makes a better pet? Although it completely is a matter of personal preference still we have some compelling reasons to prove the world that dogs are way better than cats. We’re all aware of the fact that dogs are man’s best friend as they will not leave your side until they take their last breath. Cats are highly temperamental & prefer to live aloof whereas a dog will never leave you no matter what. He is a perfect companion with whom you can spend your whole day doing goofy things together. Dogs are pack animals, and when you add a dog into your family, he started taking you as the pack leader which is why he always follows your commands obediently.

Surely, cats have more powerful brains but dogs are the one who can take commands and shares a deep bonding with their owners. In many studies, it has been proved that having a dog in the house can help in improving health as they not only make you physically active but also good for emotional health. The company of a dog is enjoyed better than that of a cat’s company. Cats have temperament issues and they will probably ignore you whenever you will try to call him or want to spend time with them whereas, dogs are people pleasure, they will do anything to get your love and affection.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the proven reasons why dogs are better than cats:

Dogs respond to your calls/commands whereas cats ignore

When it comes to taking commands, no one is better than a dog. A cat will probably ignore you when you will try to call him whereas a dog will follow your command in one go. The dog owner needs to give a little training to their dog then they will never miss any command of their owner. Cats are really bad at picking commands so if you want your pet to listen you then make sure to get a dog for yourself.

Dogs can easily adapt to changes whereas cats can’t

Most dogs can easily get adapt to changes whereas cats are really sensitive to changes. Surely, some dogs tend to become anxious but with proper conditioning, you can help your dog get used to it but a little alteration in a cat’s daily lifestyle can create a lot of problem to a cat as they become so used to their old surrounding that they take more time to adopt new changes.

Dogs offer unconditional love whereas nothing of that sort can be expected from a cat

Many studies have proven the fact that dogs love unconditionally. They will love you every minute of their life. It is also said that they love you more than they love themselves as their whole life revolves around you whereas cats are too complicated to understand. They prefer to live aloof so they are not deeply attached to their owners.

Dogs encourage an active lifestyle

Having a canine companion at home implies adapting to an active lifestyle. Daily exercise is essential for every dog to keep their mental & physical health intact. Taking a dog on walks and having a play session with them daily will make sure to keep you in shape. A cat doesn’t have any necessary need for exercise and they also like to walk on their own regardless of others.

Dogs are good for your health

Many scientific studies have proven the fact that having a dog in the house can have a positive impact on your overall health. It helps in reducing stress, depression & also prevents any cardiac problems. Depressed people are often advised to get a dog as it can help them in dealing with depression.

Dogs are easier to train

Training a dog is much easier than a cat. By adopting a positive reinforcement technique, dogs get easily well-trained with a year. Dogs love to obey the commands of their owners that’s why they happily learn the command.

Dogs are man’s best friend

Have you ever thought about why dogs are called man’s best friends? Well, it is so because we share an intense bond with them. A dog will probably never leave your side at any cause and no matter how bad a situation gets, they will always love you and protect you whereas cats are slightly selfish and they will always think about themselves before anyone else.

Final Thoughts

Having a dog is truly the best & wisest decision that one can take. From head tilting to sloppy kisses, they will do anything and everything to make you smile which is why dogs are much better than cats.

October 26, 2019|Dog Care

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