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Why do dogs whine?

Just like barking, whining is just another way of communication that dogs use. Some dogs use this vocal expression more than others. There can be a number of things that a dog can try to tell you by whining like pain, stress, anxiety, etc. The dog owner needs to find out the underlying reason behind his dog’s whining. Whining is a problematic behavior which needs to be addressed otherwise it can become a habit of your furry companion. The best way to deal with whining is to identify what trigger this behavior in him.

There are variety of reasons behind whining of a dog so in order to modify your dog’s behavior, you need to identify the reason then take ample steps to stop him from whining.

Here’re a few reasons why do dog whine:


One of the most common reasons behind your dog’s whining behavior is to get attention. Some dogs use whining as a way to seek attention from their owners. If your dog whines while you’re busy doing any other thing then this behavior is just only a way to get your attention. You need to handle this situation carefully as if you always give attention to your dog while he is whining then he will do it more often.


Another reason for whining could be any underlying medical issue or injury. If your dog is suffering from an injury then the general discomfort caused by that ailment can make him whine. If your furry companion whines frequently then you should take him to a veterinarian for a full examination.


Another common reason behind whining behavior could be dog boredom. If your furry companion whines for no reason then there must be chances that he is doing it out of boredom. When a dog’s mind & body isn’t well-stimulated then he can involve in such behavior.

Asking for something

The next reason behind a dog whining could be that he may be asking for something. When a dog wants food, toys or anything else then he may whine to communicate his desired object.

How to stop a dog from whining?

  • If your dog is vocalizing frequently for no apparent reason then there could be an underlying medical issue which needs to be addressed so make sure to take him to a veterinarian to stop him from whining
  • If your dog is whining due to anxiety then you need to consider doing positive reinforcement training so that he can learn to tackle his anxiety issues which will eventually help in stopping him from whining.
  • If your furry companion is whining for seeking attention then you need to respond selectively otherwise he will repeat this behavior.

Final Thoughts

By understanding the underlying reasons behind your dog’s whining, you can help your furry companion stop his whining behavior.

August 19, 2019|Dog Care

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