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Why Do Dogs Take So Long to Poop?

Does your dog take too long to poop? Well don’t worry you aren’t alone, all dogs take forever to pick a suitable spot to poop. All around the world, every dog owner wonders why do their dog take so long to decide where to poop or why he is soo picky pooper? Excretion is a straightforward procedure in the human world but in the canine world, things are little twisted as they don’t get to their business straightforwardly. If you are a novice dog owner & think that defecating would be like a quick trip to outside then just break that bubble as your dogs will firstly sniff the area to know whether it is a good spot to poop or not. Sometimes, this procedure happens over and over again as the dog isn’t satisfied with his pooping spot. This behavior is quite annoying for most dog owners & they tend to wonder what could be the possible reasons behind this behavior.

dog takes forever to poopIn this article, we’ll explore all the possible reasons why do dogs take so long to poop

From the magnetic field & smell to territorial strategy, anxiety, and social signals, dogs have numerous reasons to take their time to choose the perfect spot to eliminate. To understand the inner workings of pooping behavior, it is essential to know the root of this behavior. Humans like to cover their pooping business under the fragrance of air fresheners but in the canine world, things are quite the opposite which is why they are a lot pickier than us.

An attempt to align with the magnetic field:Most people don’t believe that the magnetic field affects the poop compass of a dog but many studies have been done to prove that the magnetic field does matter when it comes to dog pooping. Even the same study suggests that dogs prefer to eliminate on a north-south axis to align themselves with the earth’s magnetic field. So, if you notice your dog circling around a particular spot then he’s probably aligning himself to the earth’s magnetic field. This reason may seem weird to humans but it is absolutely fine in the canine world.

A way to give social signals:

As we discussed in the last article about how powerful a dog’s sense of smell is. Dogs can easily gather the information of the other dog by smelling his poop like the age, gender, sexual status, and much other essential information. So, it acts like a social signal which is why dogs very carefully chose a place to poop. Humans prefer to disclose their private information with the people who are friendly to them, just like that dogs prefer to disclose their information to other members of the canine world very carefully. It acts as a great way to communicate with other canines. It has been found in many pieces of studies that dog sniffs the place before pooping to analyze the place & gather information like who last visited that place and whether it is a suitable place or not.  The scent-marking behavior is quite common in dogs and it is instinctual in them so whenever a dog poop, he is actually giving out a social signal by leaving all sorts of information on the ground.

Pooping Preference

When it comes to pooping, just like humans, dogs also have preferences. We, humans, are too picky to while using a public washroom. Well, our furry companions are also equally choosy when it comes to choosing a pooping spot. Some dogs prefer to poop on grass and they find it quite difficult to poop on a hard surface. And, in some cases, dogs prefer to poop in an overly clean area & they don’t eliminate until they find a clean place. So, we can say that when it comes to pooping, all dogs possess different affinity.

Anxiety Issues

Some dogs have severe anxiety issues which is why they take so long to poop. If a dog is overly shy or anxious then he will probably hesitate in pooping at a place where there are a lot of people around so he would prefer to eliminate in an area where there is no one around. Such shy dogs don’t eliminate in unfamiliar places so that’s why it takes them forever to choose a spot & poop.

dog takes forever to poopHow to help your dog poop faster?

Does your dog take too long to eliminate? Some dog owners find this behavior of dog quite frustrating & they don’t have much patience to keep waiting for their dog to poop. Well don’t worry, we are at your rescue.

Just a simple training is enough teaching your dog to poop faster. The dog owner needs to reinforce the “go potty” command so that all he can eliminate at that moment. The dog owner needs to have a lot of patience while training his dog as some dogs can take too long to learn this. All you need to do is teach your dog some commands such as “go potty” to eliminate at that spot and “hurry up” to poop quickly. Initially, your dog will not follow the cue every time but through consistent training, you can make your dog learn to poop faster. Also make sure to reward your dog when your dog successfully follows all the cues. Also, one of the most important thing that every dog should do is keep their dog on leash while taking them outside to poop.

If your dog takes too long to eliminate then you need to train him well so that he can poop quickly.

Final Thoughts

So these are the possible reasons behind your dog’s taking too long while pooping behavior. The dog owner can also train his furry companion to eliminate at a particular spot n their backyards. Also, make sure to carry a plastic bag handy to keep the surroundings clean.

September 30, 2019|Dog Care

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