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Why do dogs snore?

People who share a bed with their furry companion know how hard it is to have a sound sleep when their dog starts snoring. Most people are not aware of the fact that snoring can be an indicator of an underlying health issue. Snoring in dogs occur when the air produced by the soft palate and uvula get obstruct. The reason of obstruction of air passage includes sleep position, fat accumulation in the throat etc. However, some breeds of dogs such as the pug, bulldog, Pekingese are predisposed to snoring due to their anatomy.

Let’s consider some of the common reasons that cause snoring in dogs:


Obesity is the major reason behind the snoring issue in dogs. The extra pound of weight results in fat accumulation in the throat which causes obstruction in the air passage which eventually results in making him snore. Obesity can cause various other health complications so the dog owner should regulate his furry companion’s weight to ensure that he leads a healthy lifestyle.


If your furry companion is prone to allergies then there are high chances of snoring issue in him as allergies can cause mucus buildup which results in obstructing the airway and increase the possibility of snoring. The dog owner should consider keeping all his dog’s stuff dust-free.


Another major reason behind the snoring problem of your furry companion can be his anatomy. Flat-face breeds of dogs are predisposed to snoring problems as they find trouble in passing air in and out.

Sleeping position

Sleeping position can also trigger snoring in dogs. Generally, dogs snore when they sleep on their back as in that position the air passage gets partially blocked by the tongue.

Fungal disease

Fungal disease can also cause snoring in dogs. Dogs love to sniff everything around them, and while doing it the fungus mold can enter into the nasal passage causing infection, due to which dogs suffer from snoring issue.


Snoring can also cause due to the intake of certain medications such as painkillers, however, in this case snoring is temporary, and your dog will feel relaxed as soon as he will stop that medication.

So, these are a few reasons that trigger snoring issue in dogs. The dog owner should consult a veterinarian on noticing sudden snoring-issue in his furry companion.

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