Why do dogs love to cuddle?

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Why do dogs love to cuddle?

When it comes to cuddling, there is no one like a furry companion who cuddles with his human at many times throughout the day. Dogs love to cuddle with their owners as it is their way of initiating closeness. Many studies have proved that cuddling helps a dog in alleviating stress & anxiety. The root of cuddling behavior is to get show affection to the owner. If we see from an evolutionary standpoint, in early times, humans used to have dogs for hunting and during the night, both humans & dog used to cuddle to keep each other safe & warm from the freezing temperature.

While cuddling, a hormone named oxytocin is released which has a very calming & soothing effect on their mind. Earlier, humans and dogs used to cuddle to keep body temperature warm but now it has more to do with love and affection than just warm. People who cuddle with their furry companion tends to share a deeper relationship with them. Just like a newborn puppy who prefer to cuddle with their mother, Dogs also enjoy the feeling of sleeping next to their owner’s side as it makes them feel secure.

Benefits of cuddling with your furry companion:

Cuddling enhances bonding

Cuddling is a great way to enhance bonding with your dog. Most dogs like to have a cuddling session with their owner as it helps in strengthening their relationship. After domestication, dogs have become a big part in humans life which is why they have become our best companions.

Cuddling provides warmth

Another benefit of cuddling with your furry companion is that it helps in keeping both of you warm. In earlier times, cuddling was used as a survival technique as, during bitter cold, dogs seek out for more cuddles as it helps him in keeping his body temperature high.

Cuddling offers a sense of security

Dogs always look for affection and security, and through cuddling, they can experience both. If your dog is anxious or in pain then cuddling can provide him comfort and a sense of security.

Why do some dogs cuddle more than others?

Some people wonder why do their dogs don’t cuddle as much as others dog do? The major reason behind this could be genetics as some breeds like a golden retriever, pugs, dachshunds, etc. grave for affection and therefore loves to cuddle but some breeds are less affectionate & independent which is why they don’t enjoy cuddling session with their owners. Just like humans, dogs are also different so every dog owner should consider that before engaging in any activity which can make their canine companions uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

If your dog craves affection then you should appreciate & show affection when your dog cuddles you but if your dog is not a cuddler then you should look for some other ways to spend quality time & enrich your bonding with him.

August 27, 2019|Dog Care

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