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Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

If you are a dog owner then you must have observed your furry friend lying on the floor relentlessly licking & chewing his paws. This paw licking behavior excites curiosity in the dog owners & they wonder why do their furry friend constantly lick their paws. Is it just grooming or is there some underlying problem behind them?

Most dogs engage in feet licking behavior but it is essential to understand the intensity with which the dog is involved in that behavior. The most common question that arises in people’s mind is that whether one should be worried about their dog’s feet licking behavior or not? And, the answer is YES, of course!

The dog owners should monitor all their dog’s action as anything that a dog does obsessively whether it is licking, chewing or barking, It does indicate some underlying problem. If a dog licks his feet for an extended period of time then there are higher chances of occurrence of inflamed wounds in his paws which can be difficult to operate.

We’ve rounded up a few reasons why do dogs lick their paws:

  • AnxietyOne of the most common reasons behind the paw licking/chewing behavior of the dog is anxiety. When anxiety hits a dog then he tries to find solace by licking or chewing himself excessively. So in order to control this behavior, it is essential to understand what makes your dog anxious then by curbing his anxieties, you will be able to get rid of this paw-licking issue.Major causes of anxiety:
    • Illness
    • Separation from owner
    • Lack of proper mental & physical stimulation

    Fleas infested

    Another common reason behind paw-licking behavior of a dog is fleas & ticks. When a dog owner should take care of his dog’s cleanliness then fleas & ticks can easily get infested which result in making his skin itchy. To counter the issue of paw-licking, you need to make sure that your dog’s skin is free of fleas or ticks. To get rid of fleas, you can use various medications & practice cleanliness in the house.


    If your furry friend easily gets bored being in a house setting for hours then it can also be the reason behind his excessive paw licking. Dogs either engage in destructive activities or lick/chew themselves out of boredom so the dog owner should ensure that keeps his furry friend physically & mentally stimulated by taking him on walks twice a day & by having decent playtime with him to relieve boredom in dogs.

    Dry skin

    Another common reason behind your dog’s paw licking behavior could be his dry skin. Some dogs have excessively dry or flaky skin which has been caused by excessive grooming sessions and due to the usage of harsh chemicals which excessively dry out the coat of dogs. If your dog has dry skin then you should consider consulting your veterinarian regarding it.

The dog owner should not take paw licking as a mere grooming session as excessive licking indicates that dog has some underlying issue which needs to be treated otherwise it can develop a severe inflammation or infection in his paws. The dog owners should consider seeking the help of their doctor in a severe case of paw-licking.

August 13, 2019|Dog Care

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