Why do Dogs Howl?

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Why do Dogs Howl?

While thinking about howling, a picture of the wolf came across our mind. Wolfs tend to howl for communicating with the other members of their pack. And as we all are aware of the fact that dogs are distantly related to wolfs, therefore, it is assumed that a dog howls in the influence of ancestry. The dog owners may have noticed that on hearing the sound of loud siren their furry companion starts howling excessively.

There are some other reasons as well behind your dog’s howling so let’s consider all the potential reasons behind it:

Due to separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can be one of the reasons behind your dog’s excessive howling. Leaving your furry companion alone at home can be heart-wrenching for both the owner and the dog which can result in causing separation anxiety in your dog. On noticing that your furry companion is howling out of emotional stress then you need to take potential measures to rule out this issue.

Due to a medical issue

Another major reason behind this behavior can be an underlying medical problem that your furry friend is experiencing. Some dogs tend to howl excessively whenever they are in pain. So on noticing any sudden behavioral changes in your dog then you should consider taking him to a veterinarian. The veterinarian will do an exam to know if there is any severe health issue which is bothering your dog.

Way of communication

Howling is considered as a standard way of communication among the wild dogs and wolfs. It is a sort of long-distance communication between the dogs. Before dogs get domesticated, they used to communicate with other dogs by howling.

Influence of ancestry

Prior domestication, howling is a common behavior among all breeds of dog, however, domestication has resulted in evolving them. Domesticated dogs are certainly different from wild dogs but sometimes they howl. This behavior is completely normal as long as it is not an indication of any medical issue.

How to stop excessive howling?

The best way to stop your furry companion from howling excessively is by avoiding all the things that trigger this behavior. Another way of putting a halt to it is by desensitization him which will enable him to remain calm. Desensitization helps in treating the various behavioral issues like anxiety, fear, and aggression etc. Breeds including Beagles, Huskies, and Dachshunds etc. are known for their howling. Sometimes, dogs tend to howl to gain the attention of their owner. The dog owner should reward his furry companion calmed behavior, this will make him understand that by remaining quiet and calm, he can gain rewards. Another way is to provide ample mental and physical stimulation to your dog as dogs can start howling out of boredom as well.

July 5, 2018|Dog Training

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