Why do dogs hide their treats & toys?

//Why do dogs hide their treats & toys?

Why do dogs hide their treats & toys?

Probably every dog owner wonders why do his furry companion hide his favorite toys & treats? Well, dogs hide their most prized possession to keep it safe and secure. Just like other common behaviors like digging and whirling, hiding things also comes naturally to them. However, it is not always necessary that your furry companion is hiding his belongings only out of natural instincts.

Let’s find out all the possible reasons behind this behavior of your furry companion:

Natural Instinct

Before dogs get domesticated, they used to bury their excess food to keep it out of the reach of other animals. This technique worked as the survival skill of their ancestors as they had to hunt in the wild to get keep their body nourished. Sometimes, dogs can act out of their natural instinct and can hide their things just like their ancestors. Times have changed now and your furry companion doesn’t have to hunt to feed himself but the instinct is still intact in him.

Over-feeding the treats

If your dog is hiding his treats then it can be an indication that you are feeding him the overly generous amount of food. When the dog realizes that he won’t be able to consume the treat at once then he hides it to consume it later on. The dog owner should avoid overfeeding his furry companion as it can create further health complications like obesity etc.

Out of anxiety

Sometimes, dogs hide their treat and toys out of anxiety. Some dogs have bitter past experience due to which they behave in such a manner. If you have a rescue dog who is very possessive about his belongings then you need to check whether such behavior arises due to anxiety. The dog owner needs to rule out the anxiety from his furry companion otherwise it may affect his mental health adversely.

To seek attention

Dogs tend to do all the possible ways to attain the attention of their owner. This behavior of hiding things can also occur when the furry companion wants to get some extra attention from his owner. To avoid this situation, the dog owner should ensure to spend some time with their dog every day.

This behavior of your furry companion may seem harmless as a whole but the dog owner should never encourage it. The dog owner should spend enough time with his furry companion and should provide him ample mental and physical stimulation.

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