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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Many dog owners got worried when they see their furry companion munching grass as they are not meant to eat grass. This behavior has now become a common sight to the dog owners but they can’t able to understand why their dog has such unusual habit.

The grass-eating behavior in dogs is technically known as “pica”. It is a much common occurrence in both domestic and wild dogs.

Let’s consider the various reasons dogs eat grass:

Your dog enjoys chewing

Some dogs can’t get over their natural instinct of chewing. They tend to chew over everything so it can be a potential reason why your dog has this unusual habit of chewing grass. All you need to do is provide him an alternative thing to chew. You can consider giving him a toy which he can chew.

Gastrointestinal problem

Your dog will probably eat grass if he is having a gastrointestinal problem. He will eat grass in order to soothe his stomach. In most cases, it has been observed that dog vomits after ingesting a huge amount of grass. Eating grass is a kind of self-medication for dogs. So, if you find your dog running outdoors in order to eat grass then he may have an upset stomach.

Dietary deficiency

Grass-eating behavior can occur due to the absence of key nutrients in the diet. You need to consult your doctor regarding the nutrients present in the diet. It is your responsibility to feed your dog a well-balanced diet. Dogs tend to eat grass to get that key ingredient which he doesn’t get in his diet. You need to feed food which is high in fibers in order to stop this grass-eating habit.

Inherited Trait

In a study, it has been found that dogs inherited this grass-eating behavior from their ancestors so, this can be a reason that dogs feel an appetite for grass.

Intestinal worms

An anxious dog would spend his most of the time alone as they become so fearful that they find secure by being alone in their space. So, if you find your dog behaving in such manner then he may be fearful of something or someone.

Substitute for grass

You can also consider giving your furry companion a substitute of grass. Feed him fresh peeled celery, carrot and, lettuce. It will help in controlling the grass-eating behavior in him.

Eating a grass is a normal behavior until he does it on a regular basis. Make sure that the grass is not treated with pesticides as then it can harm his health. If he eats it on a daily basis then you need to contact your veterinarian to examine whether he has any health-related issue.

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