Why Do Dogs Drool?

//Why Do Dogs Drool?

Why Do Dogs Drool?

Most dog owners wonder whether it is typical for a dog to drool or it works as an indicator of an underlying medical issue. There are some breeds of dog who drool more frequently than other dogs such as pugs, Boxers, Bulldog etc. Basically, the drool is the dog’s saliva which gets accumulate in their cheek pouches. Just like humans, dogs also use their saliva to swallow their food.

Drooling is normal in dogs to an extent but sudden and excessive drooling can be a sign of an emergency situation. In medical term, excessive drooling is known as ptyalism. If your furry companion is salivating abnormally then you should consider taking him to a veterinarian as excessive drooling acts as an indicator of severe health complications.

Let’s consider the various possible reasons for drooling in dogs:


The major reason behind drooling in dogs is heat stroke. When a dog’s body gets overheated then they pant or drool excessively. During summertime, on noticing that your furry companion is panting or drooling excessively then you should consider offering him cold water.


Sometimes, dogs drool when they get anxious or stressed. On noticing sudden drooling, the dog owner should make possible efforts to keep his furry companion calm and out of stress. The dog owner should consult a veterinarian to know exactly the cause of stress and should try all the possible measures to avoid that situation.


Sometimes, dogs can also drool out of pain. Pain in any part of the mouth can result in excessive drooling. If the dog owner notices that his furry companion is drooling all of a sudden then he should look out for any mouth or throat injuries. Dental problems can also make your dog drool excessively so the dog owner should provide proper oral hygiene to his dog.

Poisonous plants

There are a various variety of plants that can be poisonous for your furry companion. When a dog ingests any poisonous plant then it can make him drool excessively, moreover, it can create severe health complications.


Hypersalivation can also occur due to excessive excitement in dogs. It is very normal for any dog to drool when they get excited.

So, these are a few reasons for drooling in dogs. The dog owner should properly monitor his dog’s well being, and on noticing sudden excessive drooling then he should visit a doctor immediately as sometimes, hypersalivation acts as an indicator of underlying health complications.

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