Why do dogs bark excessively during the night?

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Why do dogs bark excessively during the night?

Barking comes naturally to dogs, and some breeds of dogs are more prone to barking during the night than the others. In the older days, humans used dogs to alert them from any unwanted threat during the sleeping time but nowadays, a dog that barks excessively during the night can be the cause of a nuisance. Ruling out this problem is essential to restore peace during the night. Sometimes, new puppies do excessive vocalization during the night so in such situation, you need to help your new puppy sleep through the night.

The most important thing that a dog owner needs to find out is what bothers his furry companion during the night. To rule out the barking problem, it is essential to know the reason behind it.
Let’s look at some of the possible reasons behind the excessive vocalization of your furry companion during the night:

To protect his territory

Dogs are well known for their obsession to protect what they mark as their territory. They can’t tolerate invasion from any person or animal so whenever they detect an uninvited presence, they started barking excessively.

Separation anxiety

Dogs having separation anxiety tends to bark excessively during the night as at that time they get separated from their owner. During the night, their anxiety triggers and result in compulsive barking.

Out of boredom

Excessive barking can be a sign of boredom in dogs as when a dog realizes that he has nothing to do then he can start barking excessively.

Out of fear

If your furry companion sees or feels something during the night that seems threatening to him then he can start barking excessively. One must help a fearful dog in combating all his fears.

Lack of exercise

Exercise also plays a vital role to rule out this problem of your furry friend. Sometimes, dogs tend to bark excessively and aggressively during the night to release their surplus energy.

To seek attention

Sometimes, dog barks excessively during the night to seek the attention of their owner to give him treats or to play with him.

So, these are the possible reason for your dog’s excessive barking during the night. The dog owner should acknowledge the issue and should take potential measures to keep his furry companion calmer during the night.

August 13, 2018|Dog Care

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