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Which Vaccines Does Your Dog Needs?

Vaccination is absolutely essential for ensuring your dog live a long & healthy life. Vaccines may put your dog through some discomfort but it can prevent life-long discomfort of your furry companion by keeping away all possible ailments. There are a variety of vaccines available for treating different disease. There are some core vaccines which are absolutely essential for every dog whereas some vaccines are non-core which your veterinarian will decide by taking your pooch’s lifestyle & health into consideration.

Some dogs owners don’t take their pooch’s vaccination seriously which is why their furry companion has to suffer in the long-run.  It is the best way to protect your dog from being exposed to fatal medical issues.

Core vaccines vs non-core vaccines

Dog vaccinations can be categories into core vaccines & non-core (lifestyle) vaccines. As discussed earlier, core vaccination is crucial & it prevents the dog from fatal diseases like rabies, distemper, parvovirus & canine hepatitis, etc. Whereas lifestyle vaccines totally depend on your dog’s way of living life & his environment. Lifestyle vaccination includes bordetella, Lyme disease, canine influenza, etc. Non-core vaccines are bacterial vaccines which may have adverse reactions so only consider such vaccinations when your veterinarian suggest you. Vaccination helps in strengthening your furry companion’s immune system which will help him in fighting off fatal disease-causing organism.

Let’s briefly understand about all the vaccines (both core & non-core) that your dog needs:

Core vaccines:

Rabies Vaccine: Rabies is a fatal viral disease which can easily spread by coming in contact with the infected animal. It is commonly transmitted through a bite which may infect the whole nervous system of your furry companion & in severe cases it can result in death. This vaccine is required by law so every dog owner should get his furry companion vaccinated.

Canine DA2PPC vaccine: This vaccine is designed to protect dogs from distemper. Canine distemper is highly contagious disease so every dog owner should consider this vaccination to keep their furry companion secure.

Non-core vaccines:

Bordetella vaccine: It’s a vaccine given to dogs to keep them safe from an infectious respiratory disease. This vaccine will help in immunizing your dog.

Canine Lyme vaccine: This vaccination is given to dogs who have high risk of getting deer ticks. This vaccination should be given only when your veterinarian advise you as this vaccination also have side effects such as fatigue, lack of appetite, etc.

Final Thoughts

Vaccinations are highly crucial for maintaining your dog’s health. The dog owner should ensure that his furry companion has received all the essential vaccines as it can keep your dog safe from suffering any fatal disease.

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