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Welcoming a Second Dog

The dog owner should consider welcoming a new dog only when he is assured that his current dog will happily accept him as his playmate. As a pack leader, it is your responsibility to maintain harmony between both the dogs. Also, you need to make sure that you have sufficient resources for meeting all the necessities of your dogs.

To make it a rewarding experience, you need to consider a few things before welcoming another furry friend:
Ensure that your dog is dog-friendly

The foremost thing that a dog needs to make sure is that his dog is friendly with other dogs. If your dog has any behavioral issue then you must fix that first before bringing home another dog. The dog owner should monitor the behavior of his dog when he meets any dog. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs then you can consider bringing home a new furry friend.

Choose the right dog

The next thing that the dog owner needs to take into consideration is the size of the dog. If you have a toy-breed dog then you must not consider bringing home a large-breed dog as your big-sized dog can cause injuries to your tiny pooch. The size of the dog can also influence their compatibility level and the energy level of your current dog should match up with that of the new dog. Also, you should never forget to consider your own need & personality while choosing a dog.

Now that you are sure about your decision of welcoming a second dog, it’s time to consider the essential things that the dog owner needs to do before the first meeting of your dogs.

Introduce your dogs in a neutral area

The foremost thing that the dog owner needs to do is introduce your current dog to his new playmate in a neutral area as it will help in preventing your dog from getting territorial. All you need to do is put him on a leash and, monitor their behavior.  If any dog exhibit aggression in the form of growling, lunging etc. then you must stop the meeting session. If any of your dogs try to dominate the other then just say “no” to him.

And, if your dog gets happy and excited after seeing his new playmate then you can give them some time to sniff each other and then you can take off the leash and let them play for some time. However, if your dog tends to get over-excited on seeing new dogs then you should learn a few effective tricks on how to calm an over excited dog before allowing letting your dogs meet.

Give them individual attention

The next thing that a dog owner needs to consider is giving both the dog equal amount of affection and attention. In order to build a strong bond with them, you need to make sure that you spend a good amount of time with each dog. Also, feed your dogs in separate bowls and, give them enough toys to play so that they won’t fight with each other over it.

Proper Training

For maintaining harmony between both dogs, it is essential to provide proper obedience training to them. Training can help your dogs in establishing a lifelong companionship. With the help of adequate training, you can resolve any kind of behavioral issues that your dog may have.

So, these were a few things that one needs to consider while welcoming a second furry friend into your home.

March 29, 2018|Dog Care

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