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Warning signs for your dog’s health

Unlike humans, dogs can’t speak up about their health issues. The only way they express themselves is through their behavior. Sometimes, dog owners couldn’t able to spot those warning signs due to which their furry companion eventually fall ill. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to take care of his dog’s health and take potential measures or follow effective dog health tips to keep it intact.

Let’s consider all the warning signs that imply that your dog’s health is degrading:

Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite in dogs is one of the most common warnings sign which they will display on suffering from any underlining health issue. Sometimes, the abrupt change in eating patterns is overlooked by pet parents and it eventually ends up degrading their furry companion’s health. If the problem persists for more than 24 hours then you need to take him to a veterinarian as loss of appetite is a warning sign of severe issues like kidney or liver disease.

Excessive thirst

On noticing that your dog is drinking more water than he usually drinks then you should consider taking him to a veterinarian as excessive thirst implies that your dog is suffering from any underlying health issue. This warning sign can also be a symptom of liver disease or diabetes.

Trouble breathing

The dog owner should never ignore any signs of trouble breathing. On noticing that your dog is having difficulty breathing, you need to rush to a doctor as soon as possible. Breathing issues occur when your dog is suffering from any underlying medical issue such as pneumonia, asthma, kennel cough etc.


Excessive laziness is something that is not normal for a dog. Due to lethargy, your dog will not feel interested in going anywhere or doing anything. If this persists for more two days then you need to take him to a veterinarian. Some possibility of lethargy is urinary tract disease or heartworm disease.

Rough coat

A healthy thick coat is an indication of good health. The dog’s coat can tell a lot about your dog’s health. The reason behind your dog’s rough coat can be an allergic reaction or a skin disease.

Loss of consciousness

No matter how quick your dog recovers from sudden fainting session, it is essential to take him to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Some possibility of loss of consciousness is heart disease or stress.

Cloudy eyes

The dog owner should never ignore his furry companion’s cloudy eyes. The possible reason behind it can be an infection or injury. If an eye infection or eye disease left untreated then it can cause blindness. To avoid any eye condition in your furry companion, you should follow proper dog eye care religiously.

So, these are a few warning signs that can adversely affect your furry companion’s health. On noticing any of these signs, the dog owner should take his dog to a vet immediately.


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