Understanding Small Dog Syndrome

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Understanding Small Dog Syndrome

Small dog syndrome is a behavioral issue associated with the smaller breeds. When a small breed dog displays any dominant or aggressive behavior and, disobeys the rules of the house then such condition is considered as a small dog syndrome.

Most people have a misconception that small dogs require special attention. Being a pack leader, if you give such special consideration to your furry companion then it can develop small dog syndrome in him. Small dog syndrome is a highly treatable behavioral issue. The major cause of this is lack of proper training and discipline. Most dog owners don’t take the effort to rectify the undesired behavior of their small dogs as they believe that their small furry companion is harmless to anyone around. The dog owner needs to address the undesirable behavior of his furry companion. If not corrected on time then it can result in making your pooch even more dominant in the future.

Signs of small dog syndrome

When this behavioral issue develops then your furry companion will display various signs of dominance and aggression. When dog owners don’t provide them enough socialization and training then they start exhibiting dominance in their behavior.

Here are the potential signs that a dog will display:

  • Jumping on people
  • Always demanding affection
  • Displaying separation anxiety symptoms
  • Marking territory
  • Always wanting to be carried
  • Growling at people
  • Take the lead on the leash
  • Break house-training rules

So, these are the symptoms that small dog will show if he has this syndrome. It isn’t necessary that dog having this syndrome will show all the signs if your dog shows some signs then also your dog will be considered as suffering from this syndrome.

Causes of Small Dog Syndrome

Some dog owners display more affection and attention to their small breed dog, this over-pampering is the common cause of this syndrome. No matter what breed your dog belongs to, still he requires proper training and socialization for filtering his behavior. When a large breed dog behaves in a similar way then the dog owner will correct him immediately. The dog owner needs to set boundaries from the beginning in order to filter the behavior of his furry companion. Whenever a dog feels anxious and insecure then it results in developing this syndrome in him.

Dealing with Small Dog Syndrome

As mentioned earlier, the dog owner can rectify this behavior of his furry companion. All you need to do is act like a leader and establish certain boundaries. You need to consider retraining him and teach him what kind of behavior is acceptable and what is not.

With the help of the following techniques, you can reverse this behavior.

  • Positive reinforcement
  • Proper training
  • Refrain every undesired behavior
  • Proper socialization

With lots of patience, you will be able to rectify the small dog syndrome in your furry companion.

Preventing Small Dog Syndrome

As they say “prevention is always better than cure” the dog owner needs to consider taking various preventative steps to refrain his furry companion from becoming a victim of this syndrome.

  • Early exposure to socialization
  • Provide him adequate exercise
  • Ensure to provide him proper training

With the help of socialization, training, and discipline, you can reduce the risk of small dog syndrome in your furry companion.

April 13, 2018|Dog Training

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