Treating Diarrhea In Dogs

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Treating Diarrhea In Dogs

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DIARRHEA is a common health issue which is generally characterized by frequent bowel sessions. It can become a severe health problem if it occurs more frequently. A simple change in diet can cause diarrhea in dogs. A single bout is not a matter of concern for many dog owners but if it persists more than one bout then it can lead to other health issues like dehydration.

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When the balance of dog’s digestive system gets ruptured then diarrhea in dogs probably takes place. Let’s find out the potential reasons that often lead to soft stools or diarrhea

  • Change in diet
  • Food intolerance
  • Bacterial infection
  • Allergic reaction
  • Inflammatory bowel problem
  • Kidney or liver problem
  • Presence of internal parasites
  • Ingestion of toxic substance
  • colitis



The most common sign of diarrhea is loose or frequent stools. However, stools may vary from being soft to watery. Sometimes, mucus or blood also comes out with stool. Vomiting, fever, lethargy, dehydration, and loss of appetite. In severe cases, the stool of dog can be black which indicates that he may be suffering from internal bleeding. So, in that severe cases, you must rush to your veterinarian.


The foremost important thing that a dog owner needs to consider is to stop feeding your dog when he is having a digestive problem. All you need to give him is plenty of water and if your dog appears weak then you can give him honey in every few hours.

Sometimes, when the immune system of dog becomes weak then he may not able to fight off the bacteria so you need to give him probiotics as it will help in populating good bacteria in the intestine and it will also boost up the immune system. Probiotics help in maintaining the mucosal barrier. It can be given at the times when the dog feels stressful.

Change in the diet also leads to DIARRHEA so in order to prevent its recurrence the dog owner should give him bland diet. A bland diet generally comprises of boiled chicken with simple plain rice and veterinarian generally advise the dog owners to keep the dog on this diet for some time after recovery.

If your dog has not vomited even once in at least 5 hours then you can give him a small amount of food then wait for few hours to see whether his digestive system is in better condition or not.

In case of intestinal parasites, then you need to consult a doctor as he will prescribe an appropriate wormer which will kill all the parasites present in his intestine.

If diarrhea persists for more than 24 hours then you should seek medication from the doctor as he will find out the cause of diarrhea. Never assume medications as it may cost your dog’s health.



Diagnosing the cause of diarrhea will help you to avoid it from occurring in future and you can get to know about it by running a fecal exam. Diarrhea can leads to other health issues like dehydration, weight loss, lethargy etc. so, knowing the cause of it is the best way to get hold of it. And also don’t forget to consult your doctor regarding this issue.


January 27, 2018|Dog Health

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