Benefits of tracking:

  1. Tracking helps in mental stimulation
  2. It will help in building dog’s self-confidence
  3. It will strengthen your bond with your furry
  4. Tracking helps in providing physical stimulation

It’s a responsibility of a dog owner to keep his dog mentally and physically stimulated. You need to channelize their energy. Your dog will take it as a competitive sport all you need to do is train him positively and you will able to succeed with consistency.

Now, let’s discuss the way you can precede their training:

First of all, you need to assign a search command. Search game will keep their mind engaged and they will not feel boredom. You can use their natural instinct in a well-constructed way and it will keep them happy, just keep them motivated.

Choose the right toy

In the initial stage of training, all you need to do is hide his favorite toy but you have to make it little simple for him to make him understand that his toy is missing and he needs to find it. Hide the toy in a place where he can locate it with his eyes. Once he understood it then you can increase the difficulty level by hiding his toy in a place where he needs to sniff for finding his toy.

Basic nose work:

Start off this basic nose work by staying indoors as there will be less distraction for him and he could focus more on searching it. All you need to do is make him sit at a place and make sure that he is watching you then place his favorite toy at a distant place. Let him observe you where it has been kept then ask him to ‘find it’. Once he gets the command from you, he will fetch it. Just repeat it several times to make him understand what he is expected to do and then reward him. Treats after tasks are important as it will keep your dog motivated and he will learn that if he searches it then he will be rewarded for it.

As you see him progressing then you can introduce complexities in the game. The dog owner needs to take care that either he will increase the difficulty or the distance for adding complexity. By now, he will be able to search the missing thing by using his nose. If he adds both then your dog may not able to find it. So introduce complexities slowly and then he will be able to learn it and will do it enthusiastically.

Sniffing outside:

Now, as your dog has understood the game and knows how to sniff so it’s time to challenge his smelling sense in the outside environment. Now, he needs to learn how wind affects the sniffing. He needs to learn that by relying on wind, he would be able to find the missing toy.

So, you need to hide the toy at the place where it is downwind then when the wind will hit the dog’s face, he will get the scent of his toy and he will be able to trace it easily. Your dog makes take time as it is much complex to track things with the help of wind but once he mastered it then he will able to sniff anything easily. Add the level of difficulty in the game gradually and also don’t forget to give him treat. With you do consistent practice with him then he will learn to track things within a short span of time.

The dog owner must consider doing such productive activities with their dog as it will surely strengthen your bond with them.

January 18, 2018|Dog Training

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