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Toy Dog Care

Toy dogs are small and adorable dogs that resemble like stuffed toys. Raising these mini canines may seem like a challenge. Most dog owners can’t resist from spoiling their cute bundle of joy. Due to their fragility, dog owners require special skills for caring them. Toy dogs are best suitable for the people who reside in apartments. To make it a rewarding companionship, the dog owners need to pay attention to their furry companion ’s well-being.

Nowadays, toy breeds have become a popular choice among people but once they were considered as the prized possession of people belonging to the ruling class. These small canines are suitable for the people who love to travel as they make a perfect companion for traveling.

Let’s consider various things that one needs to consider while caring for a toy dog:

Health Concerns

Toy breeds are more prone to various illness and, the dog owner needs to take care of their furry companion’s health to avoid encountering any major health issue

  • Hypothermia: Due to the presence of a small amount of fats in the body, toy dogs are unable to insulate their body. During winters, the toy breed dogs are at a high risk of hypothermia. The dog owner must avoid taking him out during the bitter cold.

Your dog would probably show these signs on becoming hypothermic: pale gums, shivering, and inactivity. The dog owner needs to take adequate steps to keep him warm during the cold weather.

  • Injuries: Unlike large breed dogs, toy breeds are very fragile. Jumping down from the furniture or rough handling can end up in severe injuries like a bone fracture, trauma etc. The dog owner needs to be very careful and should take proper steps to prevent any kind of injuries. One must consider pet-proofing his home to avoid any unwanted situation.
  • Hypoglycemia: The next health issue associated with toy breeds is hypoglycemia. This health condition occurs when the level of blood sugar get decreased. To avoid this issue, one should always feed them meals 3 to 4 times in a day.

Dental health

Poor oral hygiene can result in various dental issues. The dog owner should consider brushing his teeth on a regular basis. Healthy teeth and gums are essential to keep your furry friend free from diseases. Dental issues like tooth decay or plaque build-up can eventually result in severe health issues like organ failure or tooth loss etc.

Regular grooming

Toy breeds require more grooming sessions than any other breed requires. While grooming the dog, you need to consider brushing your pooch’s hair regularly with a soft bristle comb. Grooming is an essential part of your little canine’s life.

Dog Training

No matter what breed your dog belongs to still he requires proper training. Training sessions with a toy dog require much more patience and time. Training a toy dog is as important as training a larger breed is. Your dog should be aware of all the rules of the house and should obey them. If not provided adequate training then it can result in undesired behavior.

So, these are a few things that a dog owner needs to keep in mind while caring for a toy dog. By providing them proper affection and care, you can ensure a life-long companionship with them.

April 14, 2018|Dog Care

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