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Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

Do you struggle in keeping your dog happy & entertained indoors? Well, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. From all the incredible ways to keep your dog busy indoors, we’ve narrowed down a list of top 5 simple & best ways to keep your dog busy indoors & keep the boredom away.

In a modern household, being a pet parent screams endless responsibility as you have to look after your child, do a job, manage household chores & keep quality time with your dog to keep him happy. Dogs are pack animals & they don’t prefer to be alone & bored which is why it becomes a great responsibility of every dog parent to keep their dog occupied throughout the day so that he doesn’t feel bored & unloved. Sometimes, when a dog becomes overly frustrated then he engages himself in destructive activities which are harmful to both his mind & body.

Well, the thing is if you don’t find an appropriate way to keep him occupied then your dog will find a way to keep him entertained. Dogs don’t life boring and monotonous life which is why it is essential to keep your dog busy while you are fulfilling other necessary obligations. Finding a suitable activity that will channelize your dog’s energy is quite a task but don’t worry, we’re at your rescue.

We’ve rounded up the top 5 ways to keep your dog entertained indoors:

  • Teach your dog household chores

One of the best ways to keep your dog entertained & getting your work done is by teaching him household chores. Dogs love when they have something to do so to you can teach him some household chores so that they can help you. You can train him to simply fetch things from one place to order, this way you can keep his boredom out of the way.

  • Scavenger hunt

Another amazing way to keep your dog busy throughout the day is by letting your dog hunt for his meals. If you are a working person then this could be a great trick for you as you can hide your furry companion’s treat & meals & ask him to find it right before you leave. This way your dog will be able to keep himself busy in finding his treat & will not feel bored or lonely. Always make sure to keep the treat in the areas where your dog mostly hangout throughout the day

  • Turn on the television

Most dogs love to watch television as they enjoy seeing moving images. Dogs can watch television for long hours without getting bored. So, all you have to do is turn on the tv and play pets-related channels and you will see your pooch will get glued to the tv screen without getting bored.

  • Play shell game

Another interesting way to keep your dog entertained is by playing a shell game with him. All you have to do is take 3 small bowls then turn them upside down. Now make your pooch sit in front of you then keep a treat inside one of the 3 bowls. Make sure that your pooch is observing everything then simply shuffle the bowls and let your dog find the treat. This is a great way to provide mental stimulation to your furry companion. This game is great for enhancing problem-solving skills of your dog.

  • Play hide & seek with your dog

Another way to keep your dog’s boredom out of the window is playing hide & seek with him. Your dog can have an amazing playtime session with you. Dogs have high curiosity levels which you will be able to tap by letting him play hide & seek. Also, make sure to shower your dog with treats whenever they’re able to find you. Dogs love hide & seek as much as they love to hide their their treats which make their owners wonder why do dogs hide their treats

The dog owner should know how to keep their dogs engaged indoors as taking him to a dog park or playing backyard is not possible all the time. Just giving him numerous toys to play with is not enough as dogs can easily get bored by playing with same sets of toys so make sure that he gets proper mental & physical stimulation being indoors.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your dog entertained is essential to keep his health & happiness intact so, always make sure to keep your dog busy so that he doesn’t become bored or anxious. You can try these amazing ideas to keep your dog happy being indoors.

September 9, 2019|Dog Care

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