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Top 10 most expensive dog breeds

Is there any better way to spend thousands of dollars other than getting a canine companion? Well, for a dog lover, “NO”. According to FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), there are around 339 recognized dog breeds, and every dog breed has certain temperament, bloodline, and looks which actually are considered while setting up a price bar on the. Some dogs are quite expensive than the other breeds as it depends on the rarity of the breed & racial origin which is why ancient breeds are much more expensive than the other dogs.

Although adopting a puppy is a wise option but sometimes, some people desire to get their home an expensive puppy as they’re willing to acquire a certain breed that they’ve always dreamed of.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the top 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world:

Despite the price fluctuation over the years, here’re some of the dogs that have earned the label of expensive dogs.

#10. Chow Chow ($1100)

Chow Chow dogs look like a cute ball of fluff. This breed of dog is one of the oldest dog breeds. This breed of dogs is good in multiple activities such as herding, hunting & pulling, etc. These are so expensive due to their rarity & multiple health problems associated with it. Due to their heavy coat, it is essential to take extra care of their coat by giving them regular grooming sessions.

#9. Basset Hound ($1200)

Basset hounds belong to the easy-going breed. This breed of dogs is good-natured, and you will always see them wiggling their tails around the house. Being a hound dog, you will see them sniffing & picking up interesting scents. Bassets hounds are expensive because of their high maintenance charges. Although this breed of dogs has a small stature, they actually belong to the large breed & should be treated like one. They require bigger meals and crate and expensive medication, etc. which is why they are categorized as an expensive dog breed.

#8. Saint Bernard ($1500)

The next dog breed on the list is a saint bernard. This breed of dogs is known for their majestic aura & excellent temper, however, they are more prone to the health issues & require extensive lifelong grooming which is why they are super pricey.

#7. Rottweiler ($2000)

The next breed on the list is a Rottweiler. This breed of dogs belongs to the working group which is why they are quite expensive. Although they look very aggressive, in reality, they are truly loving companions. They are physically very strong & have working abilities which make them a popular choice of rich families. This breed of dog can have medical issues that take a lot of money for treatment.

#6. English bulldog ($2500)

The next dog on the list is an English bulldog. These adorable pups are quite expensive as they are born through a cesarian section so the surgery price gets rolled over to the puppies. Bulldogs are predisposed with many health-related issues which is why they belong to the expensive dog breed category.

#5. Tibetan Mastiff ($3000)

Tibetan mastiff is one of the most protected dog breeds in the world. These are giant dogs who belonged to the ancient nomadic tribes of China, Nepal, and Tibet. Their massive coat of fur requires proper care and grooming. In the year 2014, this breed became the most expensive dog after being sold for 1.9 million dollars.

#4. Great Dane ($3000)

Great Dane is an extremely large breed dog with an amazing personality that is loved by many people. Due to their large stature, they require bigger meals and proper medication, etc. which makes them super-pricey.

#3 Akita ($4500)

The next on the list is Akita. Being originated in Japan, these breeds dogs are known for their loyalty. They are well-socialized dogs and extremely good as a watchdog which makes them wonderful companions.

#2 Lowchen ($5000)

The second most expensive dog on our list is lowchen. They little-lion dogs are very peaceful among people and have an outgoing temperament. These are amazing watchdogs but are more prone to eye-related problems. Some pet breeders also sold them for more than $10,000.

#1 Samoyed ($11000)

Samoyed is the most expensive dog breed in the world. Samoyedic people of Siberia used to own them to pull sled & herd reindeers. They are prone to many medical issues and they also have thick layer of fur which requires life-long proper grooming sessions that is why they are super pricey.

Final Thoughts

So,these are the most expensive dog breeds. They are widely popular among rich people as they not only making a good & loyal companion but also reflects royalty.

October 26, 2019|Dog Care

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