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Tips to teach your dog to swim

Not all breed of dogs are natural paddlers, some breed of dogs needs to learn the skill of swimming. Just like humans, dogs also need to take swimming lessons before splashing into the swimming pool. Breeds like Retrievers, Newfoundland, and Spaniel don’t face any problem in swimming whereas breeds like a Boxer, Bulldog, and Bashir have trouble swimming due to their body anatomy.

Swimming is one of the best exercises for arthritic dogs. To teach swimming to your furry friend, you need to invest time and lots of patience.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Let’s consider some of the tips to teach your dog to swim:

  • Introduce swimming to your dog at a young age

The dog owner should make his furry companion familiar with swimming at a very young age. By doing this, your dog will become more comfortable and will surely enjoy swimming. If the dog owner doesn’t introduce his furry companion to it at an early age then he may become afraid of water.

  • Make use of a lifejacket

While teaching swimming to your furry friend, make sure that he always wear a lifejacket as it will provide him with buoyancy. The dog owner should make his furry friend wear the lifejacket several times at home prior to his swimming lesson so that he gets comfortable with it.

  • Make use of treats

The dog owner can make use of treats to encourage his furry companion to move into deeper water. The dog owner should never force him to go into the water as then he will start panicking. Reward or praise him whenever he steps forward in the pool.

  • Go swimming with him

The dog owner should splash into the water with his furry companion. It will boost up his confidence level, and he will also feel secure around his owner.

  • Give some support to his belly

While teaching swimming to your furry companion, you should provide some support to his belly to make him understand that he needs to keep his body straight while swimming.

  • Associate water with fun

To make your furry friend enjoy the swimming lessons, make sure to associate water with fun. He should feel like he is doing a fun activity.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

Swimming is a great fun activity for furry companions. It helps in burning excessive calories from his body, and also helps in providing physical stimulation to him. The dog owner should consider all the stated tips while teaching swimming to him.

August 10, 2018|Dog Training

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