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Most dog owner complaints about the begging behavior of their dog. Nowadays it has become a common behavioral problem and it can be annoying for the owners as whenever they sit to have a meal, their dog starts hounding for food. Moreover, denying him seems the toughest part for a dog-owner as they adore their dog so much that they end up giving them some food from their plate but that way you are encouraging his begging behavior. Begging for food is a learned behavior so you need to stop feeding him from your plate as it will result in occurring health problem like obesity and it can also lead to the major behavioral issue.

Let’s consider that various tips to train your dog to stop begging:

Avoid giving him scraps from the table

Begging for food is a learned behavior & somehow the owners are responsible that he learn this behavior. As when you feed him from the table then he understands that there is food for him on the table for which he starts to beg and if once you start giving him scrap then he will learn this begging behavior.

Teach him to behave well

Train him to behave well as consistent training helps in improving a dog’s behavior and if he behaves well and does not beg then reward him. It will make him understand what kind of behavior is acceptable.

Stop rewarding his begging behaviour

Your dog begs because he knows that if he behaves in a certain way then he will get food. So you need to train your mind that if he ever begs for food then you will not reward him as then eventually he will stop doing it.

Feed your dog at the same time

If you feed your dog at the time you have your meal then it will help to end his begging behavior as he would be busy having his own food and will not beg.

Don’t under-feed him

Underfeeding can be the reason behind your dog’s begging behavior so you need to ensure that he is fed well then he won’t feel hungry while seeing you having a meal.

Feed him only from bowl

Ask all the member of your family not to feed him from table or couch. You need to ensure that your dog should only have food from his bowl

Put your dog on leash

If your dog doesn’t stay calm or away from the table then you should put him on a leash. It will restrict his movement and you can unleash him after having your meal.

Just like humans, dogs also love food but begging for food must not be an acceptable behaviour. Even if you want to feed the leftover to your dog then give it in his bowl. All you need is patience and train him well so that he will learn that begging will not help him to get food. With training you will be able to change his bad habit into a good behaviour so don’t lose hope and start training him.

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