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Tips to Prevent Diabetes in Dogs

Diabetes is becoming more prevalent in the canine world and, it occurs due to lack of secretion of a hormone called insulin. Insulin helps in processing sugar, electrolytes, amino acids and fatty acids so, that it can be absorbed into your furry companion’s tissue. If the body couldn’t able to produce enough insulin then it can result in various kinds of problem.

The dogs become diabetic due consumption of more calories which lead to over-weight in them and, it is also due to chronic inactivity in them.

Let’s find out the various preventive ways to avoid this life-shortening disorder:

Regular health checkups

Regular health checkup helps in keeping a track on your furry companion’s health. The dog owner must consider taking his furry companion on a regular visit to the veterinarian. With systematic checkup, your doctor will able to detect any complication that may occur in the future. The first step in the prevention of diabetes is to ensure regular health checkup of your dog.

Keep him active

The dog owner needs involve his dog in adequate physical activity as it will help in regulating blood sugar levels. Inactive dogs are more prone to diabetes as they do not burn the surplus calories which results in overweight. Overweight is the most common cause of diabetes in dogs so, it is essential to burn the surplus calories by keeping them active and fit.

High-quality food

Make sure to feed your dog high-quality nutritious food. Cheap quality food doesn’t contain adequate nutrients needed by the body. You need to feed your dog high-protein diet instead of food that is rich in carbohydrates. The dog owner should consider choosing the best dog food for his furry companion. Diet plays a crucial role in preventing diabetes and also, consider feeding him food in adequate proportions as over-feeding can result in diabetes in the long run.


Female dogs are more prone to diabetes due to irregularity in hormonal cycles. The dog owner must consider spaying her as it will help in decreasing the risk of high progesterone level or high blood sugar levels.

Portion control

The most common cause of diabetes in canine is overweight. The dog owner needs to maintain a proper schedule of feeding his dog and must avoid feeding table scraps as such habits can result in overweight in dogs. You should not available the food to him for the whole day. Avoid giving dry kibble as they are a rich source of carbohydrates and dogs do not require much amount of carbohydrates to function his body.

As prevention is always better than cure so, follow all the tips and protect your furry companion from becoming a diabetic.

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