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Tips to make your dog’s bath time easier

Not every dog loves the sight of water which makes it difficult for their owner to give a proper bath to them. Some dogs enjoy splashing into the water however, for some dogs, water is directly proportioned to the torture. Dogs who hate bath time can start panicking & stressing during bathe time which gives a tough time to their owner. Nowadays, veterinarian advises dog owners to give weekly baths to their furry companions as it helps in keeping their dog’s skin healthy & free of issues.

Dogs love to play around outside but rolling around in the parks & backyards can result in making their fur dirty. If you don’t consider cleaning your dog’s fur then there could be a higher chance of mites & parasite infestation or allergies. You can establish a house-grooming routine to maintain the good health of your dog. For some dogs, bath time seems scary which makes is why they behave strangely when it comes to a bath.

There’s a major misconception among dog owners that bathing their dog frequently can extract all the oils from their skin but seeing all the health benefits of the weekly bathing, all veterinarians suggest dog owners should give weekly bathing to their dogs. Bath time offers a great bonding time to dogs & their owners.

Is bathing your dog seems like a daunting task to you? If yes, then don’t worry, in this article, we’ll discuss all the easy ways with which you can make bath time more bearable for both of you.

Tip 1: Take him on a walk prior to bath time

If your dog doesn’t like taking baths then you need to do something which he actually likes like take him on a walk. This way you can release your dog’s pent up energy & they won’t behave aggressively during bathing time. Taking your dog on a walk prior to bathing time is a great way to make your dog enjoy water naturally as long walks can make him feel hot so giving a bath after the walk will actually make him feel good.

Tip 2: Make use of non-slip bath mat

Some dogs feel scared of taking a bath because they keep on slipping from the bathtub due to the absence of a non-slip bath mat. Dogs feel unsteady & unsecure inside the bathtub which is why they seem too scared to move. The fear of getting slipped makes the dogs more anxious which is why they dislike bathing time. Using a bath mat will help the dog to move while keeping him from slipping.

Tip 3: Condition your dog

Some dogs think bath time as a punishment which is why they hate it so much so in such a case, all you need to do is prepare your dog & associate bath time with good things so that he doesn’t take it as a form of punishment. Lure your dog with treats to come to the bathroom. Make sure to start conditioning him a few days before you’re planning to give him a bath. This will help your dog to associate the bathroom with great things & he will feel good while bathing.

Tip 4: Use toys in the bathtub

Another way of making your dog’s bathing time less stressful is by adding toys in the bathtub. It is a great way of distracting your dog. The frequency of the toys can depend on how fearful your dog is.

dog-bathTip 5: Never rush

One of the most important things that every dog owner should consider is never rush. Don’t set any limited time to get your dog’s bath done as it will not only stress you but will also make your dog more anxious. Just stay relaxed & take enough time.

Tip 6: Make sure the water is lukewarm

Too cold or too hot water is not suitable for bathing your furry companion. You need to ensure that the water is lukewarm so that it doesn’t give any shock to your dog. Usually when the water is not of a suitable temperature then it gives the dog another reason to avoid it.

Tip 7: Keep all the supplies available beforehand

The next thing that all the dog owners need to do is prepare all the supplies beforehand so that you don’t have to go again and again to fetch any product. It will not only stretch the bathing time but will also make your dog more anxious.

Tip 8: Have a playtime after the bath

Another great way to help your dog associate bath with great things is by having a short playtime after the bath. It will help your dog in creating a positive association with bath time. It will also help in establishing a great bond between you & your dog, and all his stress will melt away.

Tip 9: Keep your dog’s ear & eyes protected

The next thing that every dog owner needs to take care is to keep his furry companion’s ear & eyes protected. Always put a cotton ball in your dog’s ear before giving him a bath & also keep soap or shampoo away from his eyes. Rinse off all the lather properly so that the coat doesn’t get irritated due to soap.

Tip 10: Don’t forget to clean your dog’s ear after bath

Always finish up a bath with ear cleaning. Remove the cotton ball & check for any dirt or debris in your dog’s ear canal. Regular ear cleaning helps in keeping away any possibility of ear infection.

Final Thoughts

Every dog owner should make sure that his dog associates bath time with great things. With lots of praises & treats, you can help your dog overcome his fear of bathing. Follow these effective tips to make bath time easier for your dog.

October 24, 2019|Dog Care

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