Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Sparkling Clean

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  • Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Sparkling Clean

Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Sparkling Clean

For humans, brushing teeth is an essential part of the morning & night ritual but can’t expect the same to your canine companion. Taking care of your dog’s dental health is highly crucial for his overall well-being. Some dog owners don’t take their pooch’s dental health seriously which results in causing them severe gum & tooth issues. Just like humans, dogs also need a proper dental routine to keep their teeth sparkling clean.

Periodontal diseases are a serious health issue that a dog owner should understand and take necessary measures to avoid it. As we all know dog dentures aren’t a thing which makes dental hygiene even more essential. The best way to take care of your dog’s dental health is by brushing his teeth regularly with a pet-safe toothpaste. Apart from brushing, you can consider many other ways are using which you can help in keeping your dog’s teeth sparkling clean. Without proper dental care, your pooch can start showing signs of oral disease from an early age. One of the most common signs of dental disease that dogs display is bad breath. If your dog has bad breath then you shouldn’t overlook it as it can be an indication of deterioration of your dog’s dental health. Untreated dental issues can lead to severe health problems related to your dog’s vital organs. To keep your dog’s teeth healthy and strong, you need to keep it sparkling clean.

Every dog has a love-hate relationship with his toothbrush as sometimes he enjoys brushing whereas sometimes he runs from the sight of the toothbrush. Dental problems can also become life-threatening so you need to understand the importance of dental hygiene & should actively make efforts to keep your dog’s teeth clean.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few effective tips to keep your dog’s teeth sparkling clean:

Feed him a healthy diet

The first thing that every dog owner should be doing to keep his dog’s teeth clean is feeding him a healthy & well-balanced diet. When it comes to dental care, feeding a healthy & well-balanced diet is of utmost importance. Instead of feeding fillers & preservatives, you should consider feeding your pooch whole food as it is less likely to stick on the teeth. The dog owners should avoid feeding soft food to their dog as it can easily get stuck in their teeth. Feeding a natural diet will also provide your dog with all the necessary nutrition that requires to keep his overall health in place. Fresh & natural food is far better than commercial pet food.

Give him dental chew toys

The next way of keeping your dog’s teeth sparkling clean is by giving him dental chew toys. You can find a plethora of different chew toys in the market specifically designed for your furry companion to chew. Such dental toys help in cleaning his teeth by scraping off all the plaque build-up from the teeth. Make sure that the chew toy is built with good material so that it doesn’t harm your pooch’s teeth.

Brush his teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth is absolutely important as it is the best way to keep away any chances of plaque build-up. Make sure to use only pet-safe toothpaste as human-use toothpaste contains many ingredients that can cause toxicity in dogs. Also, make sure to use a good-quality toothbrush that can easily fit around the fingertip easily so that it becomes easier to brush your pooch’s teeth.

Give him dental treats

We all know how much dogs love to eat treats so with dental dog treats, you can easily improve your dog’s dental health. Dental treats are specifically made to keep your dog’s mouth clean & fresh which is absolutely essential to avoid any chances of dental problems. All dental chews are formulated in a way to help dogs have clean & healthy teeth. Such treats help in controlling tartar & plaque buildup in the mouth & also strengthen their teeth. You can also use dental treats while training your dog.

Use coconut oil

The next effective way of keeping your dog’s teeth clean & healthy is by using coconut oil. Coconut oil is as good for dogs as it is for humans. Coconut oil contains antimicrobial properties which can help in keeping your furry companion’s teeth healthy & strong. All you need to do is drip some coconut oil on veggies such as carrot then freeze it for a few minutes then give it to your pooch. When your dog will munch on carrot then the oil will clean his teeth simultaneously.

Give him raw bones

The next way of keeping your dog’s teeth sparkling clean is by giving him raw bones. Not many dog owners are aware of the fact that raw bones do not only make a good treat but are also a great way to clean off teeth. Also, always avoid bones of a small animal as it can easily sprint, cause choking. Some dogs try to swallow the bone so always make sure that the size of the bone is big enough that your dog couldn’t swallow it, and never keep your dog unattended when you give him raw bones.

So, these are some of the effective tips that every dog owner should consider to keep his furry companion teeth sparkling clean. To rule out any chances of periodontal diseases, you should start a proper dental routine.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, by providing proper dental care to your furry companion, you can surely improve his overall well-being.

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