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Tips to keep your dog’s coat healthy

Healthy and shiny coat is an indicator of dog’s sound health. If the dog is healthy and fits then he would have lustrous shiny coat whereas if he has any medical condition then he would have a dull coat. A well-balanced diet is an essential factor that contributes to a healthy coat. Regular grooming session is also essential to keep your dog’s coat healthy. Types of fur depend on the breed of dog, as some dogs have long and thin hair whereas some have short and thick hair so, the amount of grooming that each breed requires may differ.

Let’s find out various ways in which you can keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny:

Feed him well-balanced diet:

The most crucial thing that the dog owners need to take care of is feeding him well-balanced nutritious food. The most common reason behind the dull coat of the dog is poor nutrition. You need to feed him lots of protein. A dull coat is the indicator of lack of protein in the body. One should consider consulting a doctor in order to know about the proper diet that your dog needs in order to stay healthy.

Feed him fresh food:

The fatty acids present in the dog’s food can potentially get oxidized when you exposed it to air for too long so, the dog owner needs to take care of it and should avoid exposing the food for too long. Oxidized food can result in various health issues in dogs.

Brush his coat regularly:

Another important thing that the dog owner needs to consider is brushing his coat on a regular basis. Regular brushing improves blood circulation. It also stimulates the production of skin oils which helps in promoting a healthy coat.

Use a good shampoo:

In order to avoid any kind of dryness, you need to use a good shampoo which will help to avoid stripping natural oils. Make sure to choose a shampoo which matches your dog’s sensitivity. Don’t use shampoo more frequently as it can make your dog’s coat look dull.

Check for fleas and ticks:

Fleas and ticks can severely damage your dog’s coat and also his overall health so you need to keep checking his coat on a regular basis. You can also take professional help in order to check for parasites.

Avoid over-bathing:

over-bathing can make your dog’s coat dry. Some breeds require frequent baths whereas some breeds require once in every few months so you need to take this into consideration. Follow a proper bathing schedule in order to keep your dog’s coat healthy.

Coconut oil:

There are incredible benefits of coconut oil for dogs, it helps in improving your their skin. You can also give him coconut oil supplements, it will help in keeping his health intact.

Proper nutrition is the key to maintain a healthy coat so, if you want to improve the quality of his coat then you need to consider feeding him food filled with essential nutrients.

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