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Tips to Keep your Dog Safe Outside

Dogs love to spend their time outdoors and, it is the responsibility of the dog owners to ensure their furry friend’s safety outside. There are various types of hazards present outside which can affect your pooch’s health adversely.

Firstly, the dog owner needs to make sure that the outside temperature and weather condition are favorable for your furry companion.

Let’s find out the various ways in which you can keep your furry companion safe outside:

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Toxic plants

Some plants are poisonous can harm your furry companion’s health so, whenever you take your dog outside always make sure that there aren’t any poisonous flower or bush present there. If the dog ingests any toxic flora then it can impact his health adversely.

Theft protection

Always make sure that your furry companion is under constant surveillance when he plays outside in the backyard. To keep him theft-proof, always make sure that he has an identity microchip inserted into his skin.

Avoid taking food from strangers

Always make sure that your dog doesn’t eat anything offered by strangers as some foods can cause various health issues in your furry companion. Some human foods are hazardous for your furry companion’s health so, you should tell people around you not to feed anything to your dog.


Just like humans, dogs can also get severe sunburns. If your dog has a thin coat of fur then you must apply a good layer of sunscreen having SPF 40 to 45. If your dog has any kind of skin allergy then you should buy a sunscreen having less amount of fragrance in it. You can also consult your veterinarian just to know which sunscreen is safer for your furry friend.


During a thunderstorm, the dog owner should bring his furry friend indoors. Dogs tend to get frightened so you need to calm your dog during a thunderstorm by diverting their mind with the help of toys or television.

Ticks and heartworms

While taking your dog outside, always make sure that the surrounding in which he played is clean and ticks and heartworm free.

So, these are a few things that a dog owner needs to consider while taking his furry friend outside.

April 2, 2018|Dog Care

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