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Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Before hitting the roads with the dog, it is essential to ensure the safety of your furry companion. No matter how short or long your road trip is, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to take necessary safety precautions. As most of the cars don’t have safety equipment designed for the dogs so, you need to carry a dog seat belt. It will help in keeping your dog safe and secure.

Here are some tips which will help you in keeping your dog safe in the car:

Harness seat belt

As it is not legit to keep your dog free while traveling via car so, the dog owner needs to buckle up the dog with a good quality harness seat belt. You need to buy the seat belt keeping in mind the size of your dog. It will help in securing your dog in one position and make sure that your dog is feeling comfortable with the harness. It will keep your four-legged friend in case of any unwanted situation.

Crash-proof crates

The next thing that you need to consider is a crash-proof crate for your furry companion. Always consider choosing a right-size crate so that your dog can comfortably sit and stand during the whole trip. Also, make sure to buy a crash-proof crate as it will assure to keep your dog secure in case of an accident. You can also choose a crate which has a crash bag inside the crate, it will help in providing extra protection to your dog.

Switch off power windows

Most people don’t care about switching off the power windows while traveling with their pooch but that way you are risking your furry companion’s life. As the dogs can accidentally open the window by simply pressing the button and it can make your dog stick his head out to feel the breeze and if something went wrong then it can land your dog into an unwanted situation

Regulate the temperature

It is very crucial to regulate the cool temperature inside the car and never leave your dog in the car as they can die due to the excessive heat. It is also illegal in some places to leave the dog in the car. The car can easily heat up which is very hazardous for your four-legged friend.

Take breaks

If you are planning to take your furry companion on a long road trip then you must consider taking breaks throughout the journey. Dogs tend to get anxious during the journey so, in order to keep them calm and composed, you need to consider doing some physical activity during the break. It will help in channelizing his excessive energy.

Back-seat barrier

The next essential thing that a dog owner needs to do while taking his furry companion on a road trip is installing a barrier. This barrier is meant for restraining the dog to his seat whenever you apply brakes suddenly. The back-seat barrier is best suitable for larger breeds of dog.

By following all the tips, you can keep your furry companion safe and secure throughout the journey.

March 15, 2018|Dog Care

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