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Tips to keep your dog cool in the hot weather

It is essential for a dog owner to keep his dog cool when the temperature rises. Summer safety is necessary for avoiding the risk of heat stroke. Heat stroke is a life-threatening issue in dogs as the anatomy of the dogs can’t able to tolerate excessive heat.

Let’s consider some tips which can help you to keep your furry companion cool:

Keep him hydrated

The most crucial thing that the dog owners need to take care of is keeping their dog hydrated. Lack of water in the body can lead to various issues so, the dog owner needs to take care that his furry companion has access to the fresh water throughout the day. While taking him to the park or on a walk, you must carry a water bottle to keep your dog hydrated during the play session.

Kiddie pool

If your furry companion is a water baby then you can consider buying a small-sized plastic pool for him. Let your dog relax in it and, cover him with a wet towel, it will help your dog in battling with the heat. Make sure that the pool is not deep enough to drown your dog.

Plenty of shade

If your dog loves to spend most of the time in the backyard then ensure to provide ample shade to him so that he can relax without coming in contact with the direct sun rays. You can also incorporate shade tents where he can comfortably relax.

Cool breeze

You can make summer much tolerable for your four-legged friend by providing him a cool breeze. The breeze will help in cooling by evaporating the sweat of your pooch. Just place in front of your dog and let him enjoy the cool breeze.

Exercise during the early or late hours

Exercise is a crucial part of your furry companion’s life but exercising in high temperature is not good for your dog’s health. The dog owner must take his dog out for an exercise either early in the morning or in the post-evening. During these hours, the temperature won’t be high and there won’t be any risk of heat stroke. make your dog walk on the grass and avoid walking him on the pavement as pavement can be hot during post-evening and, can harm your furry companion’s paws.

Frozen treats

You can cool down your furry companion’s body temperature by feeding him frozen treats. You can give him freeze chicken broth or dog ice cream etc. you can also give him simple ice cubes to your dog but make sure not to give too many frozen treats at a time as it can harm your dog’s health.

Proper grooming sessions

The dog owner must consider proper grooming of their furry companion in order to keep the airflow across the skin. If you don’t groom him properly then his fur can become matte and it can prevent the proper airflow so, regular brushing is essential to keep him in a healthy and sound state.

When to see a veterinarian:

Whenever you notice any signs of heat stroke then you must rush to a veterinarian:

  • Panting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Enlarged tongue
  • Weakness

These are the warning signs which your dog will show when he gets heatstroke.

March 12, 2018|Dog Care

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