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Tips to go eco-friendly with your dog

Let’s consider the following ways to go eco-friendly with your dog:

Choose eco-friendly pet products

To reduce dog’s carbon footprints, the dog owners need to buy only those products which are not made of toxic plastics or doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. While picking your dog’s toys or grooming products, always ensure these products contain sustainably-sourced ingredients and are made using biodegradable materials.

Feed him organic food

Making your furry companion have green and organic pet food can help in keeping the planet and your pooch healthy. By cutting down the processed food in your dog’s diet, you can reduce the carbon footprints in the environment. You can also consider preparing home-cooked dog treats as it will help in minimizing the packaging waste.

Avoid using paper towels

To go eco-friendly, the dog owners should avoid using paper towels to clean their dogs. You can use washable towels to clean your dogs, they are reusable after every wash. Paper towels neither good for the environment and nor for your bank account.

Use reusable containers instead of plastic bags

The dog owners should avoid storing their pet’s food and treats in a plastic bag. Plastic bags are hazardous for the environment and it can also harm our pooch’s health. You should consider storing your food and treat in a reusable container as this way you can make your environment greener and cleaner.

Compost your dog’s waste

Cleaning up your dog’s waste is something that every dog owner should consider doing. To go eco-friendly, you must avoid doing it in a traditional way by using a plastic bag and should consider composting the waste. You can also use a biodegradable poop bag to dispose of the waste.

Consider spaying and neutering your furry companion

Spaying and neutering are essential to reduce the growing unwanted pet population. The dog owner should consider spaying or neutering the dog to keep them healthy and free of abuse.

Choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle is essential to make the environment clean and green. All the dog owners should consider doing all these tips to reduce their pet’s carbon footprint in the environment.

July 28, 2018|Dog Care

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