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Tips to Extend your Dog’s life

A dog can fill your life with endless love and happiness. All the dog owners strive to add more happy and healthy years to their furry companion’s life as they want to enjoy this companionship for as long as possible. The average life-span of a dog is around 12-13 years but by introducing some changes in your furry companion diet and lifestyle, you want surely make your pooch live longer.

Let’s consider some beneficial tips that can help in extending your furry companion’s life.

Healthy diet

A well-balanced, nutrients- packed food is necessary to keep your furry friend healthy. As it is said “we are what we eat”, feed your furry companion nutritious food. The calorie intake should be in the proportionate level. The dog owner must consider consulting a doctor in order to know how much calorie is needed by his body to function properly. Also, always ensure to buy high-quality FDA certified food products for your dog.

Dental health

Proper dental care is essential to keep your furry companion healthy. Poor dental hygiene can result in various dental problems like plaque, gingivitis and, rotten teeth etc. Such dental problems can eventually result in heart or kidney problem. The dog owner must consider cleaning their dog’s teeth on a regular basis to avoid such problems. Also, provide him safe chew toys to keep his teeth healthy. Oral hygiene is very crucial to add more years to your furry companion’s life.

Neutering or spaying

Another important factor to extend your dog’s life-span is considering spaying or neutering your dog. If you have a female dog then you must consider spaying her as it will reduce her chances of mammary cancer and, if you have a male dog then neutering him can reduce the risk of prostate problems. It can help in adding 1-3 years to your furry companion’s life.

Regular checkups and vaccinations

As it is said, “prevention is always better than cure”. Being speechless, your furry companion won’t be able to tell you anything regarding his health so, it is your responsibility to take your furry companion on regular health checkups. Doctors will keep a track of your furry companion’s health and, can detect any diseases in its early stages. The dog owner should consider visiting his veterinarian annually for general health checkups.


The next thing that can surely add more years to your furry companion’s life is an adequate amount of exercise. The amount of exercise depends on the size and breed of your dog. Large-breeds of dogs require much more exercise than smaller breeds. Regular exercise can help in improving your dog’s physical and mental health intact.

Proper rest

Just like exercise, proper rest is also essential to keep your furry friend healthy. After every play session, you must ensure that your dog is taking proper rest. During that period, do not force your dog to perform any activity. Relaxing is essential after performing the rigorous exercise.

You can add more healthy years to your furry companion’s life by providing them a healthy lifestyle. Follow all these tips and extend your companionship with him by keeping his mind and body in a healthy state.

April 2, 2018|Dog Care

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