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Tips to break up dog fights

Having two or more dogs in a house is quite a challenge, and the fight among the dogs also becomes a common sight for the dog owner. Dogfights can create extremely stressful situations, and some dog owners couldn’t able to deal with it. The foremost thing that a dog owner needs to do is to manage his dog’s aggression if there is any. On noticing any stressful situation between the dogs, the dog owner needs to intervene between them immediately. All dogs display some warning signs before getting into a fatal dogfight so on noticing any such sign the dog owner should act quickly otherwise both the dogs will end up harming each other.

Let’s consider various tips that all the dog owners need to follow to break up dog fights:

Stay calm and compose

The dog owners need to stay calm and compose while breaking up the fight between his dogs. Panicking won’t be able to help you to stop the fight effectively. Screaming or yelling at him will result in making him more aggressive.

Split them up with a barrier

The dog owner should consider using a barrier to split both of them. The dog owner needs to obstruct both physical contact and eye contact with the other dog so that both of them won’t be able to harm each other.

Throw a blanket over them

Another way to break up fights between the dogs is by throwing a blanket over them. By doing this trick, you can easily calm them down as when the dogs won’t be able to see each other then they will probably stop fighting.

Make noises

On noticing any warning signs of a fatal dogfight, the dog owner should consider making loud noises to startle him. The dog owner can produce loud noise either by clapping his hands or by blowing an air horn.

Physically separate them

Another way to break up the fight is by physically separating them. The dog owner should consider doing this when nothing else works. For separating them, you can pull him from the hind legs and one must avoid reaching for his collar as then there are high chances of getting injured.

So, these are a few things that the dog owners can consider doing to break up their dog’s fights. By intervening at the right time, you can avoid any unfortunate situation.

July 31, 2018|Dog Training

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