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Tips to Bond with a new Dog

Bonding with a new dog is essential for building a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Bonding is much more than just liking each other’s company. In order to bond with your furry companion, you need to establish a relationship where both of you are emotionally connected to each other.

The process of bonding is easier with puppies whereas it may take more time to bond with an adult dog. You need to have patience with a new dog as it is a new environment for him and he would require a little time to place trust in you but by showering your love and care to him, you can easily build an ever-lasting bond with him.

There is a misconception in people’s mind that it is impossible to bond with an adult dog.  There are no obstacles in an adult dog’s life to keep them from bonding with a new owner. All you need to do is make him understand the process of meaningful ties with the owner. Some dogs may find it difficult to bond with new owners due to their bitter start of life but you can establish a life-long companionship by providing him love and care.

Let’s consider the effective tips that will help you to establish a healthy and happy long-term companionship:

Build Trust

While bonding with a new dog, you need to establish trust and, you can do it by creating a welcoming environment. Make him understand that this new place is safe and secure for him. Give him some time to explore the whole surrounding. Your furry companion will learn to place trust in you by embracing the new place.

Spend quality time

You can strengthen your bond with your furry companion by spending quality time together. You can do various activities together like explore the city with him, play with him, train him etc. your dog will enjoy your company and your relationship with him will grow stronger.

Show affection

For establishing a life-long companionship with your four-legged friend, you need to display your love and care for him. Dogs love when their owners praise them or show care to them. Positive reinforcement is the best way to develop a good bonding with your dog.


Communication is important for an effective and long-lasting relationship. Teach your dog hand signals with which you can communicate with them. It will help in creating a good understanding between both of you.

Be aware of your dog’s likes and dislikes

The dog owner should know the likes and dislikes of his furry companion as it will help in building a healthy relationship. Pay attention to the things that your dog finds pleasure in. A happy dog can fill your life with happiness.

The more time you will hang out together, the stronger your bond will get with him. For a life-long companionship with your furry friend, follow up all the tips and, have patience.

March 9, 2018|Dog Care

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