Proper grooming is essential to keep your dog healthy and happy. Regular grooming helps in uplifting his appearance, health, and hygiene. Grooming sessions provide you the ample opportunity to strengthen your bond with your dog, and by undertaking regular grooming sessions you can pay more attention to any kind of health concerns like lumps or bumps.

Before starting grooming sessions with your dog, you need to keep in mind that the sessions should be short as your dog may not enjoy doing it too long.

Let’s find out how you can effectively groom your dog at home:

Bathing                                                                                                                                           First of all, you need to brush his coat in order to remove all the dead hair. Then, wet your dog with luke-warm water and apply shampoo from head to tail and gently massage it, rinse it and repeat it. Never apply a human shampoo on your dog as it may be harmful to them. After this, dry him with a large towel. Some dogs may not enjoy bathing time so in order to keep them occupied put some floating toys in the tub. Also, protect your dog’s ear and eyes from soaps and shampoos by using a sterile eye lubricant and place some cotton balls in his ear while bathing.


Regular brushing is essential to keep his coat in a good condition. Brushing helps in preventing tangles and removing dirt which may result in keeping his skin irritant-free. You can also check for fleas. So, all you need is a general purpose comb or a shedding blade for brushing your four-legged friend’s coat.

Paw care

Dog owners need to regularly trim their dog’s foot hair and always check for any foreign object that may get stuck in his feet. All you need is a pair of scissors to trim the hair present around your dog’s paw pads.


Regular nail trimming is important to avoid any kind of discomfort that your dog may have while walking. Keep him busy while clipping his nails by offering him lots of treats.

Ear care

While grooming your dog you should always check his ears and if there is dirt present in it then clean it with the help of cotton ball and specially formulated ear cleaner but never insert any kind of foreign object at it may result in an ear infection in dogs.

So, these are a few tips for grooming your dog. Grooming is important to keep your dog’s health intact so make sure to keep the grooming sessions short and interactive. The sound well-being of your furry companion completely depends on the way you care for them so, follow these tips and keep your dog healthy and happy.

June 4, 2018|Dog Care

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