Tips for caring your dogs during the rainy season

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Tips for caring your dogs during the rainy season

When it starts pouring outside and, the temperature gets down then its time give some special attention to your furry companion. Rains may clean up the whole surrounding but the dog owner should take potential measures to prevent his furry companion from falling ill. To keep his health intact, it is essential to exercise him daily and to keep him away from moisture.

Let’s consider some effective tips for caring your dogs during the rainy season:

Always ensure that your dog’s fur is dry

The dog owner needs to pat dry his furry companion’s coat during the rainy season as wet fur can leads to many health complications. A damp fur is essential to keep away bacteria and fungi from breeding. If you want to go outside with your furry companion then make sure to carry an umbrella with you. When it’s pouring outside, avoid bathing him with water, and try using a dry shampoo instead.

Take care of your dog’s diet

During the rainy season, your furry companion can easily fall ill due to a lack of proper diet. Also, it is essential to ensure that your furry companion always drinks clean, and freshwater. The dog owner should feed high-fibrous dog food to his furry companion during this season.

Keep your dog’s paws clean and protected

During the rainy season, Your four-legged friend’s paw gets exposed to various pathogens and dirt. The dog owner needs to make his furry companion wear shoes or boots to avoid any infection while taking him outdoors. Dog’s paws are very sensitive so, the dog owner should follow dog paw care routine to keep his furry companion’s paw clean and protected.

Make sure to keep his bedding dry

The rainy season offers a favorable environment for the pathogens to harbor so the dog owner needs to keep his furry companion’s bedding dry. Just like humans, dogs also prefer to sleep on a dry, and well-covered beds as sleeping on damp beds can make them fall ill, and it can also cause joint pain.

Provide him mental & physical stimulation

No matter what season it is, your dog needs ample mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy. The dog owner should buy interactive toys to let his four-legged friend play indoors.

Keep your dog’s ear clean

The dog owners need to clean their furry companion’s ears during the rainy season as due to excessive moisture present in the environment, the ear wax can accumulate and can cause ear infection in the dog.

So, these are a few things that every dog owner needs to do to keep his furry companion healthy and happy during the rainy season.

July 20, 2018|Dog Care

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