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Tips for Camping with your Dog

Do you enjoy travelling & camping in new places? If you have a furry companion at home then, you must have thought of taking him along on great camping adventures. Any canine would jump at the chance to explore the outside world. Dogs can be great camping partner as they love connecting with nature as much as you do.

Warmer months, especially summer & spring, calls for camping trips with your pooch. It’s the ideal time to explore the world while deepening your bonding experience with your furry companion. If you are planning a camping trip then, let your dog accompany you this time so that he can also experience an outdoor holiday.

Well, not many people consider camping with their dogs as they fear what if everything goes south. In reality, everything will be even more fun & interesting. But what you should keep in mind is taking proper steps to keep your pooch safe & secure at all times. All it takes is little planning so that you and your pooch can have a great time camping in beautiful places.

Camping with your dog will truly enhance your experience as it is the ideal getaway for both of you. To make your adventure more rewarding, you need to be well-prepared & have a proper camping checklist so that both of you stay safe on the trails.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips for camping with your dog:

#1. Research for dog-friendly campsites                  

The first thing that you should be doing is researching some dog-friendly locations as you don’t want to hit the roads with your pooch only to find out that the destination you’ve selected does not allow dogs. Make sure to do thorough research online and call them to know their local regulations. To have a successful camping experience, you must meet the requirements of the chosen camping site.

#2. Carry the right gears

The next important thing that you should consider is taking the right gears with you. In most campsites, dogs are not allowed to be off-leash so always make sure to carry an extra-long leash so that your pooch can easily explore the location. Some dogs tend to get anxious in a new surrounding so make sure to carry some familiar items such as a favorite toy & blanket so that they can slowly get accustomed to it. Also, make sure to carry plenty of chewy treats & freshwater so that he can enjoy the trip to the fullest.

#3. Pack a first-aid kit

Along with dog essential items, make sure to pack a first-aid kit so that you can properly take care of your dog in any medical situation. Also, make sure to put your dog on some form of flea & tick prevention medication so that your dog doesn’t get infected with them on the camping site.

#4. Microchip your dog

One of the most essential thing that every dog owner should consider microchipping his furry companion before heading on an adventure with their furry companion. Microchipping the dog will help you in reuniting with him if by chance he gets loose on the trails.

#5. Do some practice at home

First time camping experience can be quite overwhelming for your dog so practising at home before going on the trip is a great idea. It will give your pooch ample time to get used to it. All you have to do is pitch your tent in the garden & encourage your dog to voluntarily go inside it. You can keep his bed and toys to make him spend a good time in it.

#6. Have a trial run

If you have never taken your dog camping before then, consider preparing your dog for the camping trip by taking him on some trial run. Work on your dog’s on-leash behaviour so that he follows all your commands on the camping trip. Your dog may also meet some other pets at the camping location so you need to work on his social skills so that he can easily get along with everyone on the camping trip.

#7. Stick to your dog’s schedule

The next thing that you should take into consideration is sticking to your dog’s schedule during camping so that he has a sense of normalcy. Dogs have a habit of following the same routine at home so make sure to follow it even when you are away from home. Even you don’t follow the routine then it will make your dog more anxious in an unfamiliar environment.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to consider the weather

To make your camping trip successful, first, make sure to check when the weather is favourable then schedule your trip accordingly. Avoid planning the trip in extreme weather conditions as then it can negatively impact your pooch’s health.

So, these are a few things that you need to take into consideration before taking your dog on a camping trip. Make your to work on recall command so that your dog can come running to you whenever you call him. Be sure to carry some interactive toys so that your dog can stay busy & enjoy being outdoors with his best friend.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that secret to a successful camping trip is proper planning. Also, make sure that your dog is healthy & vaccinated & his tags are up-to-date. Be sure to be prepared as anything can go south on an outdoor adventure.

May 8, 2021|Dog Care

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