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Thoughts on Neutering & Spaying

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Neutering the dogs have become very popular in the contemporary period and it is considered as the most important decision that a dog owner needs to take. Neutering implies de-sexing the dog due to which he won’t be able to breed. When a dog becomes sexually active then due to hormonal imbalance in his body he may act weird so in order to avoid that a dog owner should consider Spaying or neutering of his furry in the much earlier stage of his life.

It may seem like an inhumane behavior but many health researchers have proven that it is necessary from the perspective of your dog’s health as neutering reduces any possible risk of cancer-related to uterus or testicles etc. So by neutering your furry companion, you are actually giving them a healthy and long life. Neutering is essential for controlling the behavioral problems of dog.  To fix the problem of over-population or unwanted pregnancy, neutering is necessary. If not neutered, your dog may become more aggressive, neutering would help to reduce any kind of sexual behavior.

Let’s discuss all the potential benefits of neutering a dog


  1. Neutering or spaying may keep your female dog away from any kind of uterine infection or cancer. The dog owner needs to consider doing this procedure before his female dog hits her first heat as then it will offer the best protection from such diseases.
  2. Neutering is beneficial for male dogs as well as it will help him to prevent testicular cancer.
  3. An intact(non-neuter) male may showcase improper behavior and he may try to space from home in order to find to find his mate.
  4. During breeding season, female dogs usually go on heat for 3-4 days in a week. In order to show the willingness to mate she would do howling and urinate all over the house so in order to avoid such situation neutering should be done.
  5. There is a misconception in people’s mind that neutering would make their dogs obese, it is not true as physical fitness majorly depends on the lifestyle of your dog.
  6. If your dog is not neutered then marking territory by urinating would become a common scenario.
  7. This procedure is cost-effective and the surgery would cost much less than the cost of caring the litters.
  8. It is considered the best and harmless way to fight the growing population of pets. Unplanned litters have to survive in shelters where they are not provided with proper nourishment.


Next thing that the dog owner needs to know is that timing is everything.

Some reproductive hormones are essential for proper development bones and joints so it is necessary to know the right time to do the procedure. Generally, it is done within 6 months of age, it is the time when your dog hasn’t become sexually active. Consult your veterinarian to know the correct timing of neutering.

The basic thing that one needs to know is not to feed him before surgery and it takes around 2-3 weeks to recover and during this time the dog owner has to be fully attentive and should provide proper care to his dog.


You should do neutering of your dog as to make their life healthy and peaceful and also it is your social responsibility. So don’t think twice and make your dog a better companion.


January 16, 2018|Dog Health

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