Things Your Dog’s Coat Can Tell You about its Health

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Things Your Dog’s Coat Can Tell You about its Health

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The dog owner can know whether his furry companion’s health is intact or not by examining his coat. A healthy dog would have shiny, lustrous coat whereas an unhealthy dog would have dull, dry, and matted fur. The dog owner should keep his dog’s coat healthy as it acts as an indicator of his sound health.[/fusion_text][fusion_title margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=”” size=”2″ content_align=”left” style_type=”single solid” sep_color=””]

Let’s find out what your furry friend’s coat tells about his health condition:


Flakes in Fur

If you find flakes in your furry friend’s coat then all it means that your dog’s skin is dry. Dry skin can occur due to improper rinsing while shampooing and it can also occur due to bacterial infection, all you need to do is smell your dog’s fur and if you get any foul smell then it would be an indication of bacterial infection.

Dull coat

The shiny and healthy coat is an indication of the sound health of your dog. If your dog’s coat is dull then it implies that he is not getting proper nutrition as dog’s fur contains plenty of protein which helps in strengthening and giving it a lustrous look. To make your furry companion’s coat shiny, you need to feed him the right amount of protein.

Patches of baldness

If you notice any patches of baldness on your dog’s fur then it would be an indication of severe problems like attack of parasites, hormonal problems or emotional problems. Every dog undergoes shedding and every breed has its own shedding rate so if your dog is shedding more than what he is supposed to then you need to visit a veterinarian.

Matted Fur

Matted fur occurs due to loose and old hair which has not been combed out. Matted fur obstructs the oxygen from reaching to the skin. Matted fur can become an appropriate shelter for ticks and flees so the dog owner must clean his furry companion’s coat thoroughly to ensure that his coat is free of any unwanted guests.

Thinning of hair

Thinning of hair is among the medium and large breeds, and it is caused due to the inability of the thyroid gland to produce enough hormones in the body.

Foul odor

The dog owners should clean the coat properly and if the smell persists then its time to visit a doctor. The foul odor on your furry companion’s fur is an indication of fungal or bacterial infection.


The dog owner should pay more attention towards the condition of his furry companion’s coat as it can tell a lot about your dog’s health issues.


June 4, 2018|Dog Health

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