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Things you should never do to your dog

Dog’s are man’s best friend and life-long companion and, it is the dog owner’s responsibility to do things that are in the best interest of his furry companion’s health. Sometimes, the dog owners end up committing some mistakes which result in deteriorating their furry companion’s health.

Let’s consider some of the things that a dog owner should never do to his dogs:

Never ignore your dog’s emotions:

Most dog owners don’t take their furry companion’s emotion into consideration. Dogs can also exhibit the emotions of love and depression so the dog owner must pay attention to his furry companion’s feeling. By taking care of his emotions, you can strengthen your relationship with him.

Never leave your furry companion alone in the car:

No matter how cool the weather outside the car is, the dog owner should never leave his dog alone in the car as it can cause heatstroke. In severe cases, the dog can die due to excessive heat trapped in the car. The dog owner should always take his dog along and never leave him alone in the unattended vehicle.

Avoid overfeeding your dog

The dog owner should always avoid overfeeding his furry companion. Giving more calories than what is required by his body to function properly can put your dog’s health at risk. Obesity in dogs is one of the major problems so the dog owner should count the calories given to his dog.

Never ignore his dental hygiene

Providing proper dental care to your furry companion is essential to rule the possibility of dental disease. Ignoring dental care can result in infection, premature tooth loss, kidney disease etc. The dog owner should consider brushing his furry companion’s teeth regularly. Also, never use a human toothpaste for cleaning your dog’s teeth as the ingredients that it contains can harm your dog’s health.

Never miss veterinary visits

The dog owner should always take his furry companion on a regular visit to the veterinarian as it can help in learning about the mental and physical state of your furry companion. The dog owner should never self-diagnose his furry companion.

So, these are a few things that a dog owner should never do to his furry companion. To keep your dog healthy and to add more years to your furry companion’s life, you should avoid making all these mistakes.

August 9, 2018|Dog Care

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