Dogs are our best companion and we can enjoy doing a number of things with them. All the dog owners love to spend their quality time with their dogs so here we came up with a huge list of fun activities that you can do with your dog which will strengthen your bond with them and also provide you relaxation from the monotonous life, it will help you in dealing with the stressful life.

A) You can walk around the city with you furry friend :

Taking a tour of the city with your dog is the best thing ever you can do with your dog as both humans and dogs love to explore new places and what’s better than exploring together?

The dog owner should master the dog walking so that he remains under throughout the walk. Your dog will love you more for doing this as they love spending time with their master thus it will make your bond stronger.

B) Take him to the beach and surf in the splash with him:

Dogs love swimming and playing in the water and considering this you can take them to the beach where you and your dog can enjoy endless splashes. You should teach swimming lessons to your dog from an early age so that he can learn the skill of swimming properly.

C) Play fetch with them:

Everybody knows how much a dog love to play and fetch is their favorite game to place so you can play fetch with them. The dog owner needs to teach the dog how to play fetch and this is also a kind of training your dog by making them retrieve the thing that you have asked them.

D) Take your dog on a long drive

Take your dog for a long drive with windows open. Trust me your dog will be so happy and seeing his happiness will make you cheerful. Dogs enjoy how the waves of wind touch their face when they put their face near the window of the car. Read all the helpful tips to keep your dog safe in the car.

E) Teach new tricks to dog

You can spend your time by teaching them new tricks like how to greet people, how to pray before having food etc. These little things will also improve your bond with them and your dog will also get to learn something.

What’s better than capturing your angel in a photograph and you can cherish those photographs for a lifetime. So all you can do is hire a photographer and get clicked some amazing pictures with your dog, which you can further share with people on social media or put them in your family album.

We all love massages as it provides all the relaxation that our body needs. Dogs also love massages. So just take your dog to a nearest spa and enjoy having massages, your dog will surely love it.

If you love playing instruments then do this activity with your dog and he will surely enjoy it. Playing for the dog is something every dog-owner will enjoy so don’t think twice and let your buddy accompany you in your favorite hobby. It will give pleasure to both of you.

I) Make home-made dog food:

When you don’t have anything to do then just cook some delicious food for yourself as well as for your dog, as the second best thing in his life after you is food so he will love to eat what his master has made for him and he will adore you for preparing the meal.

If you live near any lake then don’t waste the opportunity and take your dog on a boat ride. just like humans, Dogs also love to experience new things and boat ride would be perfect to spend some quality time with them.

You can do all these stated things to your four-legged friend and it will strengthen your bond and by doing such fun things with him, you are making yourself mentally and physically active. These activities are the best way to do care for your companion and you will also enjoy doing this.

So don’t waste time and do try all these activities today.

January 2, 2018|Dog Care

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