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Things That Can Really Annoy Your Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend, and their love for us is beyond any measure however, certain things that humans do any really annoy our furry companion. People do things without even realizing how their dog will feel about it. Most of the time, dogs secretly hate the things that their owners do which result in making him downright annoying.

When it comes to dogs and annoying behavior, we all think of all the annoying things that our dogs do but we forget that humans also do things that are pretty annoying to dogs. To keep your dog happy, it is essential to be aware of the things that make a dog uncomfortable & should avoid doing it. Dogs show their annoyance through their expression & behavior so whenever your dog gives a different kind of look then you need to understand that your dog is not comfortable.

Although all dogs are different, so, it is essential to figure out what are the things that really annoy your dog. However, there are some common things that almost every dog hates so, you need to stop doing them to make your dog happy & secure.

Being a responsible dog owner, your dog’s happiness should be on your mind constantly because that is what they truly deserve. Dogs love us truly & unconditionally so it is your responsibility to make their life free of annoyance.  You need to read your dog’s body language to understand whether he is annoyed or not.

Still wondering, what are the things that can annoy or upset your dog? Well, we are here at your rescue!

In this article, we’ve rounded up a list of all the things that can really annoy your dog:

Tight hugs

The first thing that is pretty annoying for dogs is tight hugs. No matter how much you love & adore your dog, you should avoid hugging your dog too tightly as it makes them uncomfortable & suffocated. In the human’s world, a hug is a way to show love towards other humans but in the canine world, hugs indicate an attempt at domination. Most people shower their love on their dog by hugging them tightly but doing so only ends up making their dogs annoyed. Dogs don’t understand the concept of the hugs that’s why most dogs feel uncomfortable when their owners hug them.


Dogs don’t like it when humans yell as they perceive yelling as loud barks which for them implies trouble. Even if you are extremely angry then also avoid yelling whenever your dog is around as yelling can really annoy or scare them. Most dog owners yell whenever their furry companion shows any bad behavior but it is a highly incorrect way so you should always avoid yelling at your dog. If you want to correct your dog’s behavior then you need to adjust your voice tone instead of your volume.


The next thing one should always avoid doing with their furry companion is teasing. Just like humans, dogs also don’t enjoy it when someone teases them. Mostly children are guilty of teasing dogs so you need to teach your kids how to treat your dog so that they respect them & not tease them.

Interrupted sleep

Abruptly waking up your dog from his sleep is outright rude so you should never do this with any dog. Sudden touch by anyone can make them scared so you should always avoid doing it. Always make sure your dog wakes up naturally so that he doesn’t wake up from interrupted sleep.

Changes in routine

The next thing that can annoy your dog is making changes in his daily routine. Dogs love to follow a routine so when you bring changes in his routine then it results in making him annoyed. Don’t bring any random changes in your dog’s routine as then it will end up making him annoyed.

Not letting him sniff

Dogs have a great sense of smell & they use to explore their surroundings. The receptors present in the dog’s nose help him in getting a lot of information about that territory. So, when you do not let him sniff then it can result in making him annoyed. If your dog is sniffing around while walking then you should let him do it so that he can feel fulfilled. Also, sniffing also helps in stimulating the dog’s mind so you should always encourage them to do it.

Leaving him alone

The next thing that you should avoid doing is leaving your dog at home. Dogs love being around their near & dear ones so when you leave them alone, it ends up making them annoyed & frustrated. Ignoring your dog for too long will make him feel alienated so you should avoid doing it.

Tight leash

The next thing that you can really annoy your dog is keeping him on a tight leash. A too-tight leash can lead to health issues so always make sure to keep his leash loose. While training & walking him, you need to put a loose leash on his neck. Too much tension around the neck can make him annoyed so always make sure to keep him on a loose leash.

So, these are the things that you should avoid doing with your dog. These are the common things that can make dogs extremely annoyed so, always make sure to avoid doing it.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, by avoiding these annoying habits, you can make your dog healthy & happy.

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