• teach dog to play fetch


Fetching is a great exercise you can do with your dog as it will help him to shed extra calories on the body and will also help to establish a good bond with your dog. There is a misconception in people’s mind that dogs have a natural instinct to retrieve things but it is not true as some dogs may have a natural instinct to retrieve things but some breeds of dog are not blessed with this instinct. So, if your dog belongs to this category then you need to help him to learn how to play fetch or retrieve things

So the first thing you need to do is to choose the toy

You need to find out a particular toy that your dog would love to retrieve. It can be a tennis ball or a frisbee. Make sure that the toy is not too small as then your dog may swallow it while retrieving.  Also, don’t choose any toy which is made up of hard material as it may chip your dog’s teeth.

Next thing you should do is throwing away that chosen toy and ask your dog to fetch it.

If your dog goes after it then your dog may have a natural instinct in his body but he belongs to the other category, and if he gets confused that why did you throw that toy away and then try instructing him to go after that that toy and if your dog brings that toy back to you but make sure that you don’t take away that toy from their mouth instead you should ask the dog to put that toy down before you and if he does so then reward him immediately.

You need to repeat this procedure as then your dog would learn that he has to retrieve the toy in order to get the reward.

In case, your dog doesn’t bring that toy back to you and drop it in the half-way then don’t get disappointed he just need some time to learn that he needs to bring that object back to you so throw that toy again and don’t reward him until he brings that toy back to you.

And also, for first few session consider throwing away the toy at a less distance then you can increase the distance once your dog learns the basics of fetching. Once your dog learns fetching then try using different toys

Most important thing to remember is

Always look enthusiastic and make you dog realise that it’s the best game to play and eventually he will understand this and he will join the fun.
Just have patience and have fun playing fetching with your furry friend!

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